Heartwarming / Scrooge (1970)

  • The Fezziwigs, and their Crowd Song, "December the 25th".
  • The Ghost of Christmas Present, and his song, "I Like Life".
  • Scrooge's Tears of Joy at having a chance to change in "I'll Begin Again."
  • After his Heel–Face Turn, Scrooge rescinds all his debts, goes on a spending spree, buys everyone in Camden Town Christmas presents, makes amends with the charity collectors, the Cratchits, and his nephew, and takes special care to get Tiny Tim a carousel he admired in a window.
  • During the ending, Scrooge hopes Jacob Marley can hear him as he thanks him for helping him bring a Merry Christmas to everyone. He then goes to get ready to have dinner with Fred and his family.