Heartwarming: SHINee

  • SHINee's reaction at winning Artist of the Year at the MMA awards says it all. Doubles as a CMOA.
  • The music video for 1000 Years .
  • Jonghyun stating how he supports LGBT+ rights/equality and same-sex marriage. In Korea, the topic is considered to be incredibly taboo and just avoided, so for him to come out saying so is a huge thing, considering it could've cost him his career.
  • Jonghyun's constant love and support over the internet and proclaiming himself to be the President of Taemin's fanclub as Taemin was getting ready for his solo debut brought on a lot of AWWWs from the fans.
  • Basically the entire Hello Baby run through, which showed a sweet, more mature and nurturing side to all of the members. They even cried when Yoogeun left.
  • A time during promotions for "Everybody" when the band stayed particularly late to finish a recording for a music show. It was very late at night and starting to rain, so they got permission to let the fans waiting outside into the building. While waiting for the recording to start, the band greeted the fans, and Jonghyun and Onew sat down with them in the lobby for an impromptu Q&A session. Particularly heartwarming when considering that some groups can't even get near their fans without a number of bodyguards lest they want to be verbally or even physically abused.
  • Key noticed a fan with many self harm pictures on her Instagram and sent her a message, in English, urging her to stop. Besides the fact that no one told him to send her a message - he noticed her commenting on one of his pictures and took the initiative - Key is barely fluent in English, and self harm isn't exactly a topic that's covered in foreign language classes, yet he took the time to send it to her in her native language. In general, SHINee are regarded as some of the most truly nice idols in the industry, and the real caring and attentiveness they show to their fans outside of fan signings and meet and greets and whatnot is one of the biggest reasons why.
    • Not only did Key ask her himself to stop, but he also shared that he used to have problems with self-harm just to tell her that she wasn't alone. You know, Key has a reputation for being blunt and harshly honest but he is possibly one of the sweetest idols out there.