Funny: SHINee

  • SHINee's mini drama at Mnet. Also, their School Ranking skit.
  • Key imitating Taemin.
  • A lot of moments in SHINee's Hello Baby.
    • SHINee practically getting kidnapped in the first episode. They're ambushed by cameras. They then try to get into their car, but are locked out by the driver who then drives away. So they have get into the other car that the they're being told to get into. Pretty easy to kidnap SHINee, isn't it?
    • Taemin trying to hide behind a tree as soon as they get to their destination.
    • The other members making Taemin stand in the corner and hold his breath when he can't stop hiccuping.
    • The entire skills test.
    • No one can forget SHINee's unique versions of The Story of Chunhyang and Rich Man, Poor Man.
  • Taeman for President of the Galaxy!!
  • In the mini-series "SHINee's Wonderful Day", Taemin chooses to to Switzerland for his vacation and at one point ends up at a winehouse. Just watch.
  • Jonghyun made a joke, likening his suit costumes for his solo debut stages to different brands of Listerine. Fans got in on the joke and one even spliced a video of one of his stages with a Listerine commercial. Then this happened.
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