Heartwarming / Romantically Apocalyptic

  • Sniper is always willing to help Captain, even when it's clear that Captain is somewhat Crazy Awesome and very insane. Even when Zee Captain gives Snippy an impossible mission, Snippy dives right in with only minor complaints. He's loyal to the end, it seems.
  • This.
  • When the Lifealope brings Sniper and Pilot back from the dead. Doubles as a bit of a Tear Jerker, too.
  • Pilot making things fly by tying red balloons to them. He fills the sky with them. Even the worm monster seems vaguely pleased about it.
  • One more dance.
  • I Will not Let you Drown And even more so in the journal.
    • "Snippy sleeps. I let him. Fire roars gently around us."
  • In a strange maybe "For my own good" sort of way, the Cancer's concern for Snippy.