Funny / Romantically Apocalyptic

  • "Are you talking to the billboard again?" "Shut up."
  • Zee Captain trying (and failing) to convince a skeleton that the moon landing never happened. Then trying to strangle it when it insults him.
  • Zee Captain trying to get connected to the internet on a computer without a screen, causing Mr. Snippy to take a photo of his epic failure ... with a phone without a screen.
    • Considering Snippy's personality, that was probably sarcasm, but it's still totally hilarious. Especially with the smiling emoticon next to Captain's head.
  • Pilot being all serious about the flying, and then you see he's piggy-backing on Zee Captain with a little toy airplane, whilst Zee Captain bemoans his back.
  • When Zee Captain begins narrating his childhood experience, if you're looking you see he gave his can to the skeleton next to him to hold.
  • The Titanic bit. That is all.
  • The jet-powered train. You can just imagine how Mr. Snippy voice would sound on the "Dear god, we're actually moving" line.
  • The fizzy-drink cult. Zee captain pretending to be the prophet Lemonade.
  • The pit of Sugary Suffering.
  • Zee Captain forgetting Mr. Snippy. It keeps cutting back to him getting more and more bored.
  • The "You call this ...?" montage.
  • "And that is how the all-mighty captain and his trusty straw escaped the sugary pit of doom by consuming it whole!"
  • The cake comic. One of the comments on it is a Call-Forward.
  • Zee Captain at McDonald's.
    ...oh and your drive through is broken, I had to walk in here like a common boob.
  • Zee Captain sending the Geiger counter off the scale.
    Do I win?
  • The car art-shift.
  • Zee Captain asking Mr. Snippy about Santa.
  • Mr. Snippy NOT holding still for the probing and the aliens lampshading that no ever does.
  • The new Mr. Snippy. Zee Captain talking to it about aliens and Santa.
  • You've been on a break for the last 392373 cycles!
  • Throwing tea always works!
  • Good luck with that one, ugly!
  • What did you do with SANTA?!
  • The trial:
    He returned today with his ship his crew and his PANTS unaccounted for. He claims his smartbot was disabled by tea, his weapons officer was brutally murdered by cake and his engineer 's head exloded by an angry stare.
    My client pleads contemporary insanity.
    That's the third time this month!
    I'm sure it's real this time!
    • One of the mini smartbots is scanning the guy's arse.
  • The captain simply withstanding the enormous blastwave.
  • "My sexy followers! Look at them! They're watching my every move and judging me!"
  • "Either someone is thinking about me or the market is finally ripe for going into real estate!" Cut to them in front of a house with a 'For sale' sign.
  • The phone call.
  • Zee captain's list: Pineapple, bathtub, umbrella, new lieutenant, mustache, a song, dental floss, love, etc.
  • "I hate Mondays."
  • Zee captain buying the scooter.
  • What the other survivors find in Mr. Snippy's pockets.
    • The purse. "It summons cancer"
  • My captain always said life is like a box of chocolates.
  • Zee captain's umbrella. Guess he found one. The comments about magic pockets, as well.
  • Pilot offering to share his chocolates with the skeleton.
  • "GWAAAH! Radioactive spiders! (To a skeleton) Run, my friend, before the consume you!"
  • This Imagine Spot.
  • Pilot being so crazy he shuts down the Eldritch Abomination. And the resulting hallucination.
  • Pilot tying balloons to seemingly everything he could find: a clock, a pair of headphones, one of the worm monsters, a pineapple ... and a boat. And then he gives the worm a name; Photoshop. He named the worm Photoshop.
  • Sandwich malfunction.
  • "I kill you in the name of DELICIOUS!"
  • "Dance with ZEE CAPTAIN?"
  • Mr. Snippy being threatened/attacked by a malevolent snowflake. Yes, you read that correctly.
  • The Captain's plan to save Earth from being destroyed by a black hole? Drink said black hole with a straw.
  • When ANNET's massive horde of cube bots starts masquerading:
    Pilot : It's raining gifts!
    Captain : 'Tis but a sky advert. Boxing Day must be upon us. And per ancient tradition, we must shop till we drop!
    • Pilot's broken sword still stuck on Snippy's chest throughout the entire sequence.
  • Cash Cab!