Heartwarming / Psycho


  • Everything Norman does when he doesn't play The Peeping Tom or kill people. He offers Marion Crane food, offers Mary a place to stay, fires Toomey for mistreating his motel, stands up for Mary when Toomey harasses her, and saves a suicidal Maureen's life.
  • Mary comforting Norman in Psycho II (picture).
  • Norman and Maureen's romance. After crossing the Despair Event Horizon, Maureen attempts to kill herself at the Bates Motel, but Norman rescues her and is able to prevent "Mother" from ever coming near her. After learning about Norman's feelings for her, Maureen begins warming up to him and is one of the few girls to actually have a good date with him. She's one of the few women who brings the good out of Norman, never encountering "Mother" at all. Despite all the hell occurring in the story, she still sees a good person in Norman and hopes to save his soul. And she almost does.
  • Though Psycho IV was not well received, the ending where Norman stops himself from killing Connie, lets go of his fear of creating a monster, and burns down his house and the bad memories he had there is one that can warm the heart.
  • A meta example: In the wake of Anthony Perkins' Award Snub for his performance in the original, Hitchcock made his disapproval no secret. A telegram to Perkins from Hitchcock said, "I am ashamed of your fellow actors." For a director to be that supportive of his star is always refreshing.