Awesome / Psycho

  • Norman finally stands up to "Mother" in Psycho III.
  • In Psycho III, Norman killing Duke in a final showdown in a speeding car. Which ultimately ends with Duke drowning to death in his own crappy car while Norman easily swims out of the swamp.
  • Norman burning down the old house full of terrible memories in the fourth movie. After facing all the horrible people from his Dark and Troubled Past, Norman is able to lock away the memory of his mother in the ruins of their old house forever.
  • Lila kicking Norman in the face during the 1998 remake, rather than standing frozen in fear as she did in the original.
  • Even though it didn't end well, young adult Norman attracting a beautiful woman in Psycho IV.
  • Norman finally killing people who deserved to die in Psycho IV. He offs his mother and her lover Chet by poisoning their tea. However, unlike the original film, it's revealed that the two attempted to kill Norman before the poison overcame them. We see Norman finally defend himself and whup their asses in a futile fist fight as they die an excruciating death as the poison destroys their insides.
  • Psycho IV ending with Norman finally regaining a normal life and his sanity after four films of suffering.