Funny / Psycho

  • When Lila shows up at Sam's store:
    Sam: [to his cashier] Bob, run out and get yourself some lunch.
    Bob: [Comically Missing the Point] Oh, that's okay, Sam. I brought it with me.
    Sam: [testily] Run out and eat it!
  • Caroline, Marion's peppy co-worker, provides some. She suggests Marion take - not headache pills - but tranquilisers. Which she apparently took for her own wedding.
    • After Mr. Cassidy goes into Mr. Lowery's office, Caroline remarks that he was flirting with Marion. "He must have noticed my wedding ring."
    • When Cassidy casually shows Marion the envelope full of cash:
      Caroline: I declare!
      Cassidy: I don't. That's how I get to keep it. [gives Marion an exaggerated "aren't-I-naughty" wink]
  • When Norman kills Emma Spool in Psycho II, he whistles nonchalantly while closing the windows.