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Heartwarming: Popeye

The comics

  • After 70 years of being a father figure, Popeye officially adopted Swee'pea in a Sunday strip from November 21, 2004 in celebration of National Adoption Month. This was also marked by a special event held in New York City.
  • In the Plunder Island story arc, Popeye is fighting Alice the Goon when a little goon runs up and shouts "Mama!" Popeye is blown away to learn that Alice has a kid. He immediately stops the fight and promises to free Alice from the Sea Witch, so the two can go back to their home.

The cartoons

  • The finale to Goonland.
    Popeye: I just found me pappy/And now I am happy.
    Pappy: I'm Popeye the sailor's old man.
    (both toot their pipes in unison)
  • The song "What Can I Do For You" from Popeye In Aladdin And His Wonderful Lamp.
  • Fightin' Pals.
  • Never Sock A Baby. Especially the ending.
  • "Fowl Play" has a song Popeye trained a parrot to sing to Olive.
  • Let's Celebrake: Not wanting to see Olive's grandmother alone on New Year's Eve, Popeye lets Bluto take Olive while he takes her out.

The movie

  • Early in the film we see Popeye keeps a picture frame with the words Me Poppa in place of a picture. The CMOH comes later when we see Pappy has an identical picture frame with the words Me Son.
  • Pick a Popeye/Swee'pea moment. Any Popeye/Swee'pea moment.
  • During the Sail With Me/Stay With Me song, Olive and Popeye sing about the futures they hope Swee'pea will have. There's a part where Olive is singing about how Popeye might be the guy she's been dreaming of, and that she hopes that he'll settle down with her.
    • There's also "He Needs Me", where Olive sings about how Popeye is the first person who's ever needed her.

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