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Awesome: Popeye



  • Whenever Popeye eats the spinach, awesomeness has got to come out of it. Bonus point of "Yankee Doodle" or "Stars and Stripes Forever" is playing.
    • Any time someone other than Popeye eats the spinach has got to be awesome.
  • In the pilot short, Popeye halts an oncoming train by punching it.
  • The entirety of "Can You Take It?" is one big CMOA. Basically Popeye wants to join Bluto's tough guys club and he decides to try to kill him through various "initiation" tests. Among them is getting shoved into an iron maiden, which Popeye manages to break all the nails on. Oh yeah, did I mention he beats them all WITHOUT dipping into his spinach?
  • From "Hospitaliky", Popeye's method of getting medical attention from Nurse Olive: force-feeding Bluto the spinach and allowing him to beat him up.
  • Popeye's epic takedown of Abu Hassan and the thieves in Popeye the Sailor Meets Ali Baba's Forty Thieves.
    • In that same short, the thieves try to feed Popeye to a shark, but Popeye takes it out with two hits that seals its mouth closed with its own fangs. What really puts this above his usual badassery is that HE HADNT EATEN HIS SPINACH YET!
  • Swee'pea rescuing Popeye and Olive in "Lost and Foundling".
  • Popeye taking down an entire enemy fleet in "The Mighty Navy".
  • Olive whacking Bluto with an entire log in "Axe Me Another".
  • In "Seeing Red, White, and Blue"... POPEYE AND BLUTO ACTUALLY FOUGHT JAPANESE SPIES TOGETHER! Who'd a thought that Bluto may be a big bearded bully but he's a AMERICAN big bearded bully!
  • Olive Oyl actually gets one in Popeye the Sailor Meets Sindbad the Sailor, when she will have none of Sinbads sleazy attempts at wooing her, and attempt to smack the beard right off his face. It doesnt do much, due to how strong Sinbad is, but Olive definetly puts up a fight against him.
    • On that topic, Sinbad himself, altough he is the villain, he lives on an island full of monsters he has subdued with his bare hands, including a two headed giant that acts mean as hell, but cowers in fear just from having Sinbad raise his voice to them.
      • And of course, Popeye, who takes out both Sinbads Roc bird and the two headed giant, before even having dipped into his spinach.
  • "A Dream Walking" could be considered this for the studio, with its complicated perspective gags in the construction site.


  • Popeye's fist firing out of the water to sock Bluto.
  • Popeye shoving the much-hated tax collector into the ocean is both this and a Crowning Moment of Funny. The entire town comes out to cheer Popeye on for doing it!
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