Heartwarming / Pixar Shorts

Partly Cloudy
  • When the delivery stork didn't leave for the easy option, but comes back for the dangerous animals... with football gear.
  • Pretty much all the deliveries being made at the start and those that are being created by the clouds, especially those kittens and puppies, are just so cute.

Day and Night
  • After listening to Dr. Wayne Dyer's speech on how the unknown can be mysterious and beautiful, Day and Night smile at each other and hug. They then realize that they match perfectly (showing sunrise and sunset) before turning into the other — Day becomes Night and Night becomes Day. They celebrate, naturally, by dancing together and sharing the joys of both night and day. It was also the perfect note to start of the Crowning Moment of Awesome / Heartwarming / Funny / Nightmare Fuel / Tear Jerker fest that was Toy Story 3.
  • This troper personally finds the scene just before, where they accidentally find a radio station talking about unfair prejudice towards something that is new and different, and the two realizing that's exactly what they were doing before.
  • Day and Night is basically about the two different sides of a planet being friendly toward one another, which fits very well with many political climates.

Toy Story Toons
  • Most of these are pretty much one by default, since they all show how well Woody and the gang have adjusted to living with Bonnie.

The Blue Umbrella
  • At the start of the short film, you find that just about everything—the mailbox, the building walls, the pipes, etc.—have faces. Then among a bunch of umbrellas, the blue umbrella and the red umbrella notice each other. They get separated when their owners go separate ways. The blue umbrella escapes its owner in order to find the red umbrella. It almost gets hit by cars several times. The mailbox, the pipe, the gratings on the street, and everything else that was shown to be alive earlier keep saving the umbrella by pushing it out of the way. Eventually, though, it gets hit, and left on the street. Where its owner comes and finds it, and then he is helped up by the owner of the red umbrella. And then the owners of the umbrellas go out on a date.

  • The female volcano keeps singing even though the male volcano has eroded all the way down the seaboard, the song stirring enough "lava" within him to CRACK THE EARTH'S SURFACE so he can emerge next to her.
    • The final harmony between them is just so sweet.
    "I have a dream, I hope will come true
    That you'll grow old with me, and I'll grow old with you
    We thank the Earth, Sea and the Sky we thank too
    I lava you"

"Sanjay's Super Team"
  • The father of Sanjay, feeling saddened that his son is disinterested in the prayer ritual, at least permits Sanjay to go back to his television. But then Sanjay sketches the Hindu idols, showing his father, that the Hindu spirituality just inspired him in a different way.
  • The full short. Entirely. You watch it and can't stop smiling.