Heartwarming / OverClocked ReMix

  • One of the more well-known remixers caught a serious illness a few years ago. The community's response? Create an entire album of remixes of his favorite soundtrack in his signature style for him. The result can be seen here.
  • The same ReMix member who directed The Missingno Tracks is now working with the community to create a tribute album for Satoru Iwata, focusing on the games with which he was most involved. The post for it includes this:

    As some of you may know, he (Iwata) started out as a programmer, not management. He didn't just make games, he made games.

    To show that, we should remix from games that he himself worked on. He has dozens upon dozens of credits as a producer, but there are some games that he had more involvement in. He was in the trenches, sitting with the staff and designing or consulting. Fixing this, solving that. That's the guy that we should be remembering.