Heartwarming: Outlander

  • This line of Jamie's:
    "Dinna be afraid— there's the two of us now."
    • Also his pet name for Claire, which translates to 'my brown one'.

Dragonfly in Amber


Drums in Autumn
  • Jamie and Brianna's first meeting.

The Fiery Cross

A Breath of Snow and Ashes

An Echo in the Bone
  • Rachel Hunter's response to Ian's vague proposal of marriage.
    "Thee is a wolf, too, and I know it. But thee is my wolf, and best thee know that."

Written in My Own Hearts Blood
  • Roger and Bree's return to the 18th century with their family. Especially the joy on Jamie and Claire's faces when they recognise Brianna and immediately run down the hill to greet her. It's made more heartwarming (and very tear-jerking) when you remember that they never expected to see each other ever again and now here Brianna is with her husband, her son and her daughter Mandy, who Jamie and Claire never expected to see and get to know since she was only an infant when Bree and Roger were forced to leave.