Trivia / Outlander



  • Diana Gabaldon and George R.R. Martin are quite well aquainted (both living in New Mexico) and funnily enough, their respective series also have quite a few things in common. If you squint you can even see a parallel between the female characters named Brienne/Brianna - both are taller-than-average women who have to deal with the prejudices of men. On a meta level, both authors have famously spoken out against fanfiction on their works. Both authors have also had their books turned into TV shows named after the first volume of the series.

TV Series

  • Actor Allusion: In Wentworth Prison, Black Jack Randall offers Jamie the chance to die honorably if he agrees to have sex with him. Among the various methods, Randall mentions falling on his own sword like Brutus. Tobias Menzies famously portrayed Brutus in HBO's Rome.
  • Casting Gag: Frazer Hines portrayed Wentworth Prison's governor, and also previously played Doctor Who character Jamie McCrimmon, who was the main inspiration for Jamie Frasernote .
  • Fake Brit: Irish actress Catriona Balfe plays Englishwoman Claire.