Funny: Outlander

The Film

  • Kainan's first word in Old Norse (English to us).
    Kainan: [Pukes after receiving painful info dump from the Exposition Beam] Uuuugh... Fuck!
  • Even though it's a dark moment, it's also hilarious to watch the Christian priest attempt to exorcise the Moorwen, only to be gutted and blasted into a gushy red mist.
  • Half of Boromir's screentime is good for a few laughs:
    • Him trying to woo a wench by (very) drunkenly regaling her with the story of how Kainan killed the bear not too long ago.
    • Building the trap:
    Kainan: ...And we're going to need two rows of post holes.
    Boromir: Post holes? What do need post holes for?
    Kainan: [shrugs] Posts.
    Boromir: [Scoffs with a "of course you do" smirk]
  • Freya's "Hey, You!" Haymaker to Kainan as repayment for him knocking her out earlier. It's a fun sight seeing this rugged Space Marine, who had earlier taken on several vikings and almost won, getting sucker punched by a pissed off woman.
  • The shields game. In itself, it's a pretty ridiculous concept- A circle of vikings hold round shields on their shoulders, and two players do a follow-the-leader/simon-says type run atop them- but Kainan playing along, and ultimately fumbling, is enjoyable.
    [Wulfric does a tricky flip maneuver, which Kainan will have to replicate]
    Boromir: [sees that Kainan will end up landing on his shield] Oh no.
    Kainan: Ready, Boromir?
    Boromir: [looks defeated, then chugs a full flagon of mead] Am now!

The Books


Dragonfly in Amber


Drums in Autumn
  • When Brianna first meets Jamie, he's urinating behind a tree.

The Fiery Cross

A Breath of Snow and Ashes

An Echo in the Bone
  • When Lord John admits to sleeping with Claire, Jamie's only reaction is 'Oh? Why?' Needless to say, knowing the guy's habit of intemperate, violent reactions to shocking and upsetting news (especially the thought of someone else bedding his wife who he was separated from for twenty years), Lord John is speechless.

Written in My Own Hearts Blood

  • In Scottish Gaelic, a 'bree' is a 'great disturbance'. Jamie is amused at Claire's nickname for Brianna because of this. It's made even more funny when you think of how fitting the name is for Bree, who seems to cause a 'great disturbance' wherever she goes (metaphorically and physically). In MOBY a fellow worker of Brianna's hears her nickname and is about to point out the above when Bree cuts in wryly and admits that she knows.