Funny: Outlander

The Film

  • Kainan's first word in Old Norse (English to us).
    Kainan: [Pukes after receiving painful info dump from the Exposition Beam] Uuuugh... Fuck!
  • Even though it's a dark moment, it's also hilarious to watch the Christian priest attempt to exorcise the Moorwen, only to be gutted and blasted into a gushy red mist.
  • Half of Boromir's screentime is good for a few laughs:
    • Him trying to woo a wench by (very) drunkenly regaling her with the story of how Kainan killed the bear not too long ago.
    • Building the trap:
    Kainan: ...And we're going to need two rows of post holes.
    Boromir: Post holes? What do need post holes for?
    Kainan: [shrugs] Posts.
    Boromir: [Scoffs with a "of course you do" smirk]
  • Freya's "Hey, You!" Haymaker to Kainan as repayment for him knocking her out earlier. It's a fun sight seeing this rugged Space Marine, who had earlier taken on several vikings and almost won, getting sucker punched by a pissed off woman.
  • The shields game. In itself, it's a pretty ridiculous concept- A circle of vikings hold round shields on their shoulders, and two players do a follow-the-leader/simon-says type run atop them- but Kainan playing along, and ultimately fumbling, is enjoyable.
    [Wulfric does a tricky flip maneuver, which Kainan will have to replicate]
    Boromir: [sees that Kainan will end up landing on his shield] Oh no.
    Kainan: Ready, Boromir?
    Boromir: [looks defeated, then chugs a full flagon of mead] Am now!