Heartwarming: Nashville

  • Lamar's Pet the Dog with Rayna when she's smeared by the tabloids, telling her she should be nothing but proud of who she is, and screw anyone who thinks differently.
  • Avery sending an egg whisk to Scarlett before her professional debut, referencing his first encouragement that she could make it as a singer.
  • Glenn coming back to Juliette after her mother's death, despite how badly the two part terms.
  • After the car accident seems like it's destroyed Rayna's singing ability, she's roped into a concert performance where the whole crowd starts singing for her, leading her to regain her voice.
  • A disguised Juliette (on tambourine) duetting with a busking Avery to an appreciative crowd of passersby, providing her with some much-needed positive vibrations after the rough times she's had lately.
  • Teddy telling Maddy she's wrong about him hating music, and he doesn't even hate Deacon. Deacon is the reason he has her, after all.
  • Juliette and Avery getting married. If there's one character on the show who deserves some happiness, it's Miss Barnes.