Heartwarming: Nashville

From the TV series:

  • Lamar's Pet the Dog with Rayna when she's smeared by the tabloids, telling her she should be nothing but proud of who she is, and screw anyone who thinks differently.
  • Avery sending an egg whisk to Scarlett before her professional debut, referencing his first encouragement that she could make it as a singer.
  • Glenn coming back to Juliette after her mother's death, despite how badly the two part terms.
  • After the car accident seems like it's destroyed Rayna's singing ability, she's roped into a concert performance where the whole crowd starts singing for her, leading her to regain her voice.
  • A disguised Juliette (on tambourine) duetting with a busking Avery to an appreciative crowd of passersby, providing her with some much-needed positive vibrations after the rough times she's had lately.
  • Teddy telling Maddy she's wrong about him hating music, and he doesn't even hate Deacon. Deacon is the reason he has her, after all.
  • Juliette and Avery getting married. If there's one character on the show who deserves some happiness, it's Miss Barnes.
  • Jeff after Layla's suicide attempt, goes to get her and Will's show cancelled, which is later followed by a scene of Will saying that they can finally get divorced.
  • Overlaps with a tearjerker, but the way everyone behaves after Scarlett's breakdown. Even amidst the blame game being played it's blindingly obvious just how much a large amount of the cast care for Scarlett, and their reactions to it take up much of episode 20 for the second season. Bonus points for Deacon's speech to Scarlett's mother, that this really isn't about the differences between the two of them, but rather giving the best chance to 'that sweet girl' Scarlett. Also, Avery looking after Scarlett and the two reaffirming their connection, even though it's obvious neither one wants to get back together. They just have a history and know each other very well, in a similar but very different echo of Deacon and Rayna.
  • Luke of all people has one when he tells Colt that he was glad to spend some time with his son, even if it meant seeing Rayna and Deacon together.