Funny / Nashville

From the TV series:

  • Deacon's irritation at everyone thinking he disapproves of his niece's boyfriend. "Do I have to give him a balloon every time I see him?"
  • Juliette's clear discomfort of having a lemur crawl on her.
  • After police officers confronted her for shoplifting, Juliette's response was utterly hilarious
    Juliette: Get a real job (slams door)
  • Deacon's tradition of spending his birthday alone watching Old Yeller. When Rayna hears he's actually going to have a party for once, she asks if it's just going to be a screening of the film.
    • Later in the episode where Juliette has Emily get him a real lab and he says that he doesn't want it. Emily responds, "She said you'd say that."
  • Juliette tries to do a meditation after arriving in her New York hotel room, only to notice a giant billboard with Rayna's face right outside her window.
    Juliette: I am Zen, I am calm, I am focused... (sees the billboard) What the hell is THAT?!?
  • This exchange between Liam and Rayna about Juliette:
    Liam: Girl seriously needs to get laid.
    Rayna: That is so not her problem.
    • And from the same episode, Liam on the duelling divas: "I wouldn't want to get between those two... actually, I would."
  • Juliette's Spit Take upon hearing she's been bumped as iTunes' top seller by an even more juvenile up and coming singer.
  • The response Juliette has backstage to Layla's onstage dedication before a song:
    Layla: This one's for Will... and all y'all!
    Juliette: "All y'all"? She's from Connecticut.
  • Every scene with Avery and Deacon in "She's Got You."
  • The impossibly tacky cover art for the proposed Rising from the Ashes album.
  • Juliette being upset about how much taller the Layla standee is than her.
  • Scarlett turning into a Keet thanks to pep pills.
  • Juliette's spot-on impression of Scarlett's "squirrelly face."
  • Juliette telling Avery to "parle Italiano!" like the movie they're watching... which, Avery tells her, is French.
  • Rayna takes Embarrassing Parent Up to 11 when she has Maddie and Daphne meet Luke's son, Colt.
    Rayna: Look! Dominoes!
    Maddie: Mom!
  • Rayna and Luke being saddled with the Portmanteau Couple Name "Ruke" after their engagement, the implicit joke being that apparently no one thought of "Luna." And then they try in vain to get it changed to "Layna."
  • Even as she's about to pass out, Juliette is still about to deliver scorn to Zoey taking over her song.
    • Followed by firing Zoey as "a nice bonus" when she goes to see Avery about the baby.
  • Juliette stalking Avery on a scooter (which she complains makes her look even shorter), wearing a hat, scarf, and sunglasses that make her look like Truman Capote.
  • Rayna and Luke singing "Baby It's Cold Outside," i.e. a song that out of context comes off as being about a pushy jerk who's pressuring his girlfriend to spend the night and refuses to listen to her. A perfect metaphor for their relationship.
  • When Rayna has gone independent, she runs into Jeff, head of her previous label. He gives her a speech about how she'll be finished in the industry if she can't make it work, while Rayna blithely says 'You just talk and talk... Are you still talking? ...My independence means I won't have to listen to you talk anymore.'
  • Juliette's pregnancy cravings ("Touch my caramels and I'mma cut a bitch!").
  • Juliette delaying Avery from leaving the house because she can't get out of bed.
  • Daphne's response to Maddie wondering why Deacon never seems to have time for music lessons:
    Maybe he has a life?
  • Luke figuring out Will's secret...he's sensitive.
  • The following exchange between Juliette and Emily about the former's Vogue photoshoot:
    Juliette: Glenn finally warms Anna Wintour up to the idea of me, and I'm wearing a tent!?
    Emily: Correction - a designer tent.
    Juliette: (glares at Emily so hard that Paddington Bear would be jealous)
  • Gunnar's obsession over naming his band.
  • The somewhat skewed priorities of a massively pregnant Juliette Barnes:
    I cannot believe (Sadie) would choose to shoot somebody on the day of my shower!
    • And from the same episode, Juliette's tirade to Rayna about being less important to Miss Jaymes than "(her) stupid, perfect hair!"
  • After Layla ends up on Rayna's label, Rayna gets her some stage time to perform a new song. Her manager, Jeff, turns up and tells Rayna 'Nice to see you finally did right by my artist.' Rayna's witty comeback? 'Shut up, Jeff'.