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Funny: Nashville
  • Deacon's irritation at everyone thinking he disapproves of his niece's boyfriend. "Do I have to give him a balloon every time I see him?"
  • Juliette's clear discomfort of having a lemur crawl on her.
  • Deacon's tradition of spending his birthday alone watching Old Yeller. When Rayna hears he's actually going to have a party for once, she asks if it's just going to be a screening of the film.
    • Later in the episode where Juliette has Emily get him a real lab and he says that he doesn't want it. Emily responds, "She said you'd say that."
  • Juliette tries to do a meditation after arriving in her New York hotel room, only to notice a giant billboard with Rayna's face right outside her window.
    Juliette: I am Zen, I am calm, I am focused... (sees the billboard) What the hell is THAT?!?
  • This exchange between Liam and Rayna about Juliette:
    Liam: Girl seriously needs to get laid.
    Rayna: That is so not her problem.
    • And from the same episode, Liam on the duelling divas: "I wouldn't want to get between those two... actually, I would."
  • Juliette's Spit Take upon hearing she's been bumped as iTunes' top seller by an even more juvenile up and coming singer.
  • Every scene with Avery and Deacon in "She's Got You."
  • The impossibly tacky cover art for the proposed Rising from the Ashes album.
  • Juliette being upset about how much taller the Layla standee is than her.
  • Scarlett turning into a Keet thanks to pep pills.
  • Juliette's spot-on impression of Scarlett's "squirrelly face."
  • Juliette telling Avery to "parle Italiano!" like the movie they're watching... which, Avery tells her, is French.
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