Heartwarming: Mystery Men

  • When The Shoveler's family sees him on TV
    Lucille, The Shoveler's Wife: (wiping away tears) My hero.
  • Mr. Furious' girlfriend telling him to "Just. Be. Roy."
  • When The Shoveler's youngest son says, "I believe in you, Daddy." For extra "Awww"? He's holding a toy shovel!
  • The Blue Raja's mom not only accepting his superhero persona, but embracing it, asking him to do the accent, and offering him her best cutlery.
  • After having been taunted throughout the movie, a reporter is interviewing Roy at the end, and his girlfriend proudly interjects: "His name's Mister Furious, and his power comes from his boundless rage!"
  • When the Shoveler/ Eddie is saying goodbye to Lucille, who doesn't approve of Eddie being a wannabe superhero:
    Lucille: I said I was going to leave you, Eddie. And I meant it.
    Eddie: The city is in peril, Lucille. We're all they've got.
    Lucille: (fed up with this superhero nonsense) Eddie, please don't start.
    Eddie: I don't expect you to believe me. All I want you to know is that I love you. Tell the kids I love them. And now, goodbye.
    Lucille: Goodbye, Eddie. I won't be here when you come home.
    Eddie: That's a risk I'm willing to take. Otherwise, there wouldn't be a home to come back to.
    (Lucille's eyebrows raises. Eddie spins his shovel and puts it in his holster. He puts his hat and salutes)
    Eddie: Wish me luck.
    (Eddie exits. Lucille thinks for a moment. Maybe it is for real)
  • When Mr. Furious returns to the group after storming off in a huff, he meets with the Shoveler and expresses how hurt and annoyed he was at gradually being excluded and having his contributions ignored in favour of the new members of the team, but can't quite bring himself to apologise for his own role in the rift, until he eventually starts pretending to be entering a Berserker Rage. At which point The Shoveler takes pity on him and nonchalantly responds with:
    The Shoveler: (calmly) Hey Roy, I've just had an idea; why don't you come with us?
    Mr. Furious: (Calming down) Okay! Okay ... rage subsiding ... control returning ... anger fading. That was some quick thinking, Eddie.
    The Shoveler: Well, I wouldn't want anyone to get hurt.