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Heartwarming: Mort
  • It takes a bit of fridge to get this. Mortís losing himself to the persona of Death. Voice changing, blue eyes and even the infamous: Thereís no justice. Thereís just me. Ysabell tags along on his job, desperately trying to keep an eye on him and snap him out of it. In the middle of his epic and frightening identity crisis Mort gives us an utterly heart-melting line that shows us just how much Ysabellís presence means to him. Remember how Death always feels alone?
    Ysabell: Thatís not very fair.
    Mort: Thereís no justice. Just us.
  • Ysabell and Mortís wedding reception. As if Cutwell and Keliís Last Minute Hook Up wasnít squeal worthy enough we have this gem:
    Mort: We didnít think youíd come.
    Death: To my own daughterís wedding? Anyway, it was the first time Iíve ever had an invitation to anything. It had gold edges and RSVP and everything.
  • Mort remembers the loneliness of being Death.
    Mort: *urgently* Don't leave me.
    Ysabell: Iím here. For as long as you need me.
  • Keli and Cutwell.
    Keli: Thank you. But why did jump on top of me?
    Cutwell: My first instinct was to protect you, your highness.

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