Awesome / Mort

  • Mort has a dream where he goes crazy with Death's power; includes maniacal laughter and stabbing 'into the hearts of stars themselves.'
    "Good work, boy."
    " Mort"
  • Mort assuming more of Death's mantle, with an edge that Death never had.
  • Mort challenges Death to single combat.
    "My name is Mort, you bastard!"
  • Death's choice of punishment after the duel: make sure history still follows its proper course.
  • Ysabell pulls a What the Hell, Hero? on Death. It's complete with an Armour-Piercing Slap and an epic Calling the Old Man Out. It must be read to be fully experienced.
    Ysabell: *bitterly* You’re right. There’s no justice. There’s just you.
  • Mort dealing with a pair of muggers. When they decline to offer to let him go if he hands his money over, he says he might as well just throw the money in the river, leaving them completely confused about what to do next. Then he walks through a wall.