Heartwarming / Medal of Honor

  • The Each Night He Comes Home to Me track from Underground.
  • The Leave a Message trailer for the 2010 reboot is beautiful in showing how even being on the other side of the world, how important family is to a soldier.
    • Jimmy Patterson: I love you and Chloe very much...I'll be home soon."
  • "For Mother...and for Rabbit..."
  • The opening narration for European Assault.
    Holt: When people ask me what I did in the war, I tell them I did the same thing we all did. We fought for what was right. I've come to realize, there's nothing good about war... But there is good in why you fight wars. And we were all fighting for the same thing.
  • In Pacific Assault, Tommy Conlin's last thoughts before landing on Tarawa is thinking about Frank Minoso while handling the BAR he gave him, engraved with his name.
    Tommy Conlin: "The only bright spot in all this is that somewhere, Frank is resting up in a nice clean hospital, probably chasing after all of the pretty nurses. At least I know that one of my brothers in this war is safe."
  • At the end of Heroes, it is hinted that Patterson proposed to Manon, but her answer remains unclear. Doubles as Historical In-Joke, since Manon's inspiration, the late real-life OSS operator Helene Deschamps Adams married an Army Lieutenant Forest E. Adams.
    • From the same game, it also wraps up the Aborted Arc for Rising Sun and it's would be sequel. Where it had protagonist Joe Griffin planning out raids on Japanese POW camps to rescue American GI's, with the implication that Griffin will save his brother.