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    Medal of Honor 
  • The Dachsmag Port level, where you have to scuttle a giant U-Boat. The Nazis launch the thing early because Jimmy was causing so much havoc that they thought he was an entire Allied battalion!
  • The ending of the first game. Reprogramming a V2 rocket and firing it at its own launch facility was pretty tight.

    Medal of Honor: Underground 
  • The ending of the second game tops the first one. One-Woman-Army Manon single-handedly fights her way out of an ambush involving an entire armoured column, then saves Paris by causing two German trains carrying explosives to crash into each other!
    • Bonus points: Manon is Parisian herself.

    Medal of Honor: Allied Assault 

    Medal of Honor: Frontline 

    Medal of Honor: Rising Sun 

    Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault 
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    Medal of Honor: European Assault 
  • The opening cinematic of the first mission of European Assault. A battalion of British commandos aboard a captured German boat trying to sneak into the St. Nazaire harbor at night, the tension the men are feeling so thick it's almost visible. Then suddenly, the Germans open fire and in the midst of the shooting, the commando leader orders the Union Jack hoisted and declares We'll ram it down their throats!!" right before the boat rams the docks at full speed. Now THAT is how you start a game.

     Medal of Honor: Airborne 
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