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Heartwarming: Master and Commander
  • Captain's concern for the wounded middie, giving him a book to read about a hero who had to face a similar challenge.
  • Lord Blakeney brings Maturin a bug, knowing he would appreciate a specimen of local fauna as he was very disappointed they couldn't stop at the Galapagos.
  • After Stephen Maturin has been shot and is dying, with the only real hope of saving him getting him onto dry land where the bullet can be removed. It is reported that the enemy ship has been sighted, and they are catching her, Captain Aubrey looks at the ship through his telescope, goes into his cabin and sees Stephens abandoned Cello, and finally goes to see Stephen in the sickbay. The scene changes to Stephen waking up being carried on a stretcher having landed on the Galapagos islands. He smiles at Jack and says "please tell me this is not on my account" at which Jack replies "not at all, I just needed to stretch my legs". Just to add to the heartwarmingness, it is set to the soundtrack of Corelli's beautiful "Adagio From Concerto Grosso".
  • When Captain Aubrey tells Maturin that they'll be staying on land for a week before heading back to England to repair the Surprise, before resuming their pursuit of the enemy ship. This would allow Maturin to pursue nature studies of the island that he had wanted to do before but Aubrey had refused because the mission came first:
    Dr. Maturin: Jack, I fear you have burdened me with a debt I can never fully repay.
    Capt. Aubrey: Tosh! Name a shrub after me. Something prickly and hard to eradicate.
    Dr. Maturin: A shrub? Nonsense! I shall name a new species of tortoise after you: Testudo Aubreii!

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