Awesome: Master and Commander

  • When the HMS Surprise drops her disguise as a whaler. The ship halts, the marines come out from hiding under canvas, and the cannons come out to blast the Acheron's mast to splinters. A CMoA for the entire ship.
  • Also, the one-armed 13 year old Midshipman Blakeney defending the hull breach and subsequently leading the second ship boarding party.
    Blakeney: "Arm yourselves! We must board them!" * Shoots pistol at a Mook at point-blank* //.
  • Stephen Maturin gets a MoA to himself in this film, when he operates on himself to remove a bullet. Compounded by his pausing to ask Jack Aubrey (who is certainly no shrinking violet) if he, Jack, is all right.
  • The author of the books the movie is based on often opened with apologies. Typically, he apologized for anachronisms (including Eau de Toilette in a scene 10 years before it appeared, or putting a naval battle before the grape harvest when it was known to have occurred AFTER the grape harvest...), but on a few occasions he apologized for toning things down. In his own words, "When one is writing about the Royal Navy of the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries it is difficult to avoid understatement; it is difficult to do full justice to one's subject; for so very often the improbable reality outruns fiction. Even an uncommonly warm and industrious imagination could scarcely produce the frail shape of Commodore Nelson leaping from his battered seventy-four gun Captain through the quarter-gallery window of the eighty-gun San Nicolas, taking her and hurrying on across her deck to board the towering San Josef of a hundred and twelve guns, so that 'on the deck of a Spanish first-rate, extravagant as the story may seem, did I receive the swords of the vanquished Spaniards; which, as I received, I gave to William Fearney, one of my bargemen, who put them, with the greatest sang-froid under his arm'"
  • The Captain's toast: "Here's to wives and sweethearts—may they never meet," especially for those familiar with the books.
  • "LET FLY!" The ship can achieve awesome speed.