Awesome / The Master of Disguise

  • Everyone realizing Mama Disguiszi is still in the room with the assassin (aka Devlin Bowman's leverage)—cue her beating the guy up.
  • The absurd scenes in the cherry pie costume—just crazy enough to be Crazy Awesome.
  • The Terry Suave scene. It's actually quite cool to see Pistachio, thus far such a goofy and ineffective hero, change into such an ellegant and sucessful guy. This is when he started to get the hang of the disguise thing.
  • Pistachio finally mastering the art of the "Who's your Daddy" to fight-off a bully who mocked him in the past AND a Jerk Ass co-worker.
  • The final fight scene has Pistachio fighting off a whole bunch of bad guys with his slaps and stealth. Not bad for a newbie!