Heartwarming / Mad Father

  • The flashbacks to Aya's time with her mother.
    • The scene where Aya's mother placed a charm on her is pretty touching, too. It's especially touching in the Good Ending.
  • Aya's innocent love and devotion towards her father, even though she knows what he's doing is wrong, is either this or a Tear Jerker.
  • Maria being taken in by the doctor. She was originally homeless and starving until the doctor took her in. True, she was going to be a test subject, but he decided to use her services.
  • In a weird, twisted, Tear Jerker-ish way, the doctor himself is this. It's mentioned in one entry of his diary that he "found a dead cat in [Aya's] drawer. Hiding it in a dresser... Exactly as [he] used to." When put in this context, he was afraid that Aya would turn out like him when he was young. His resolve is to turn his precious daughter into a doll so she isn't "dirtied" and doesn't make the same mistakes as he did. He really did mean it when he said, "I love you."
  • Dio kissing Aya on the forehead to give her a good luck charm, just like her mother did.