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Nightmare Fuel: Mad Father
  • You'll find various corpses in random places throughout your journey.
    • It's even disturbing when Aya comes across corpses of kids her age, maybe even younger.
  • Some of the souls you need to help to get gems classify.
  • Aya's father as a whole. ESPECIALLY when he chases down Aya to kill her and make her a doll.
    • That laugh and his screams. It was frightening the moment you feel trapped in some areas.
  • The adjacent room to the one with the stuffed dog. One of the gems requires you to give the stuffed dog a bone, but you can't do that unless you get one later and then backtrack, and there's no other reason to come back. When you go back into the stuffed dog room, the other room has half of a bloated doll sticking up out of the floor in a pool of blood, which is bad enough. But if you leave the stuffed dog room and come back in, the bloated doll will be fully out of the floor and facing the wall that separates the two rooms. There's no reason to go back into either of those rooms once you've done the dog puzzle; The Dev Team Thinks of Everything, it seems.
  • The little boy in the kitchen tells Aya that the ham tastes just like Mom.
    • It Makes Sense in Context: That was a literal translation. The context itself translates better as saying it "tastes just like how Mom makes it."
  • The mad father's creations, especially for people who find dolls creepy in the first place!
  • The first soul you see in the room next to Aya's, and the nice Jump Scare she delivers. GIVE! GIVE HER BACK! MY DAUGHTER!
  • Aya witnessing her father stabbing her mother in the chest.
  • The fact that Aya turns out to be just like her father.
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