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Heartwarming: Kitchen Nightmares

  • "Oscar's": Gordon helping the chef get over his alcoholism. Later, while the credits roll, Gordon is shown actually hiding in a corner like a shy little kid after being invited to dance, constantly stating (each time in a much lower and softer tone) "I Can't Dance!"
  • "The Glass House" (UK): A female chef was beaming with pride when Gordon complimented her cooking!
    Gordon Ramsay said I'm a good chef!
    • Ramsay later hired her for one of his restaurants.
  • "Burger Kitchen": Ramsay giving a distressed Daniel a much-needed pep talk.
    Daniel: (sobbing) You actually have a pretty big heart. Thank you. Thank you, for this. You know, I never had someone like, help, you know? Thank you.
    • Also Daniel's fiance Wendy, who won't take any of the shit his parents are giving him at all,defending him to her best ability, and sticking with him despite the awful situation he's in.
  • "Seascape": Gordon has the owner go with him to a gym and do some boxing to work off the stress. During this, the owner shares that his father never gave him any compliments and his mom is always around to remind him he's not as good as his father. There were many Manly Tears, and the ending voiceover said that after he made the restaurant a huge success, he sold it, as he had proven he could do it and simply had no interest in keeping it.
  • "The Dovecoat" (UK): Ramsay enters a restaurant where the owner is driving his business into the ground and his bullheaded attitudes have nearly broken up the family. By the time Gordon leaves, the business and family are going well...and they still are when Gordon comes back a few weeks later.
  • "Piccolo Teatro" (UK): After Ramsay tries and fails to get a very immature woman's failing cafe off the ground, the young head chef, heartbroken that her boss' carelessness cost her a job, is offered a job by Gordon to work at his own restaurant in London, stating that "if she doesn't want you, I do!"
    • Also in that episode, at the end Gordon is recreating his favorite pastime from when he was in Paris learning to cook French cuisine: eating a sandwich from his favorite shop, napkin tucked under his chin and a huge smile on his face.
    • When he opens the cafe on his own for a lunch service, he is ecstatic to be in the kitchen, preparing food and serving the customers. This is truly a man who loves to cook.
  • "Momma Cherri's Soul Food Shack" (UK): Gordon Ramsay liked the food so much he cleaned his plate. The owner even said she was going to photograph the plate, since she knew that this was a rare occasion.
    Momma Cherri: I fed Gordon Ramsay...and he cleaned his plate!!!
  • In the US episode Black Berry's, Gordon has had two plates of bland food, and one plate that sent him retching to the bathroom. When he receives his dessert, he takes one bite, declares it delicious, and gives the chef (an 82 year old woman) a kiss on the cheek.
  • In the episode "The Runaway Girl", the self-taught head chef has had to deal with the arrogance of the restaurant owner, who happens to also be his school-boy friend, and was forced to cook sub-par dishes as a misguided cost-saving measure. It's clear he's depressed and ashamed about it. A bit later into the episode, after proving just what a good cook he is, Gordon takes him aside and begins doling out the compliments. He has to stop when the big guy who just minutes ago (to the viewers) was screaming even louder than Gordon at the owner, begins to cry. Gordon even gives him a hug!
  • A small one in the now infamous "Amy's Baking Company" episode: Ramsay finds out during the dinner service that employees aren't allowed to keep their tips, hands a nice fat tip to his much-abused server, telling her to keep it for herself.
  • Despite being a jerk who butts heads with Gordon, Peter from Peter's Pasta Specialties responds to a bill collector insulting Ramsay by chasing him with a meat tenderizer and nearly crying in rage that anyone would be so mean to the guy helping them.
  • Trobiano's: After a successful relaunch, Gordon urges the owner to finally propose to his girlfriend, something they'd been putting off because of the stress at the restaurant. Not only does she say yes, but they get married that night — all arranged by Gordon.

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