Heartwarming / Kamen Rider Dragon Knight

#9 Kamen Rider Thrust
  • Len coming in to save Kit from Torque. Also, not blaming Kit for the mess he caused by falling for Drew's lies.
  • Kit takes Len in after he got injured fighting Torque as he doesn't have anywhere to go.

#10 Battle Club
  • A photo of Len and Adam as best friends.

#16 Hero of Gramercy Heights
  • Maya trying to assure Chris that he is still a hero. It works until Strike breaks in with the tact of a rhino with sunstroke.

#17 Power of Three
  • Len and Kit try to assure Chris he is important for the team.
  • Knights coming in to save Chris from JTC.

#18 Brothers Cho
  • Len, Kit and Chris have a friendly talk over some pizza. They do not get a break very often, even more so a calm one like this.

#20 Letter From The Front Line
  • Kit reads a letter Chris wrote to his father, explaining everything and attempting to reconcile with him. It can't overcome the overal bitterness of the episode, though. The only reason why Kit found the letter is because Chris got vented before sending it.

#25 Dropping The Axe
  • The japanese dub name for the episode is Portait Of Family.

#31 Xaviax's Wrath
  • Maya hugs Len after the venting of Kit and Kase. She even tries to defend him from Michelle when she comes in and ruins the moment. Michelle didn't want to be mean (for once) and delivered some much needed hope with information that No Men have Master Eubulon, who can fix everything.

#40 A Dragon's Tale
  • The overal proceedings of the episode. Kit got his father back. The Earth riders were pulled out of the Void and returned to their lives without memories of being riders. Chris had his asthma cured, allowing him to be a soldier again. The People of Ventara were saved from Karsh. Adam got the normal life he wanted. Maya and Price holding hands shows that Maya no longer sees Price as his mirror twin.