Funny / Kamen Rider Dragon Knight

  • Kit trying to transform into Kamen Rider Dragon Knight in episode 2, and failing miserably at it, is hilarious. Made only more hilarious when you can hear his dad's voice telling him that he's doing it wrong.
  • Episode six gives us Kit headbutting Xaviax's zebra monster.
    Kit: I am not doin' that again.
  • Episode seven, during the fight between Len and Drew.
    Drew/Torque: With Xaviax's power, I'll be a king! And being the last man on Earth, I'll get my choice of the ladies. Life's gonna be sweet...
    Len/Wing Knight: Being the last man on Earth to get a date? That's not sweet, that's sad.
  • Episode 10 - Xaviax realizes that humans don't follow orders very well.
    Xaviax: What moron gave humans free will?!