Funny / Kamen Rider Dragon Knight


#1 Search for the Dragon
  • Kit tries to explain that he is not comitting any crimes. His friend in the foster home doesn't seem to buy it despite being a child.
    Kit: I didn't steal anything.
    Kid: Then why the police brings you back so often?
    Kit: Those are just misunderstandings.
    Kid: You get into lot of misuderstandings.

#2 Contract with the Dragon
  • Kit trying to transform into Kamen Rider Dragon Knight, and failing miserably at it, is hilarious. Made only more hilarious when his dad's voice tells him that he's doing it wrong.

#3 Kamen Rider Incisor
  • What does Incisor complain about after a fight? Sprained butt and killer headache.
    • Also the fact that his father disowned him with reasoning that he is spoiled and useless. Very fitting, indeed.

#4 A Rider's Challenge
  • Kit, annoyed with lack of answers, tries to get some out of Len.
    Kit: I still didn't get any answers. Like... your name.
    Len: Len, Kamen Rider Wing Knight.
    Kit: Now we're talking. (patts the other man on shoulder)
    (Len gives such a poisonous look that Kit immediately moves his hand away)

#6 Kamen Rider Torque
  • Kit headbutts Xaviax's zebra monster.
    Kit: I am not doin' that again.

#7 Friend or Foe
  • During the fight between Len and Drew.
    Drew/Torque: With Xaviax's power, I'll be a king! And being the last man on Earth, I'll get my choice of the ladies. Life's gonna be sweet...
    Len/Wing Knight: Being the last man on Earth to get a date? That's not sweet, that's sad.

#8 Kamen Rider Camo
  • Maya did not show up in the shop whole day, so Trent gets worried and because he can't leave the shop, tasks Lacey with searching for her. Aunt Grace claims that Lacey did not have any chance to find Maya unless she was in shoe shop in nearby mall later on.

#10 Battle Club
  • Xaviax realizes that humans don't follow orders very well.
    Xaviax: What moron gave humans free will?!

#11 Vent Or Be Vented
  • Kit arrives home to tell Len about a new rider, but finds Wing Knight fast asleep. Attempts to pass the important info on only get him to roll over. When Len wakes up in the morning, Kit is sleeping on the floor besides the couch, covered with his (Len's) jacket he somehow managed to pull off the other rider.

#14 Xaviax's promise
  • Strike's comment to cornered Torque is either funny or nightmarish depending on how you look at it.
    Strike: You can't talk your way out of this one, Drew, which is too bad, because I don't think you'll be able to fight your way out of this one either.

#18 Brothers Cho
  • Kit and Chris guessing what Len did before he became a rider. The outcome? Drill sergeant and dog walker.
  • Kit unknowingly touched Chris's sensitive spot while talking about how his father would always back him up. Chris abruptly leaves and Kit exchanges annoyed look with Len.
    Kit: Open mounth, insert foot.
  • JTC comments on the Blood Knight tendencies of his new subordinates, Danny/Axe and Albert/Spear after they drive away to fight Len.
    JTC: (echoing ealier comment by Xaviax) Enthusiastic, but not very bright.
  • Len is ambushed by the Cho brothers. He takes their decks, thus forcing them to fight barehanded.
    (Len punches Albert)
    Danny: Nobody messes with my brother!
    (Len smirks, turns around and kicks Albert in butt, sending him through window on Ventara)
    • After the Cho brothers got beaten in stunning barehanded beatdown, they meet with JTC and get this praise: