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Unaired pilot

  • It starts with Kit being thrown into the Mirror World (not named Ventara yet) and escaping the spider monster. The frame freezes and Kit's voice tells the viewers that they are probably wondering what's going on. The story returns couple hours back to explain this. On his 18th birthday, Kit wished to see his father again. When the story returns to that point, Kit claims that he should be more careful what he wishes for next time.
  • Pretty much all Maya's interactions with Kit.


#1 Search For The Dragon
  • The parking attendant sees Len (transformed) fighting minion mirror monsters, but is unable to see the monsters themselves. His expression is just plain Huh? .
    • After Len finishes the fight and detransforms, he gives the parking attendant a Death Glare, which the man answers with an awkward wave before realizing what he is doing.
  • Kit tries to explain that he is not comitting any crimes. His friend in the foster home doesn't seem to buy it despite being a child.
    Kit: I didn't steal anything.
    Kid: Then why the police brings you back so often?
    Kit: Those are just misunderstandings.
    Kid: You get into a lot of misunderstandings.
  • Arriving into Grace's books, Lacey calls her new look trailer park debutant as she is wearing stylized farm clothes. Grace passes around and calls it hillbilly tomato milkshake as Lacey dyed red streakes in her hair and is holding a milkshake.
  • Kit tries to warn Maya, who is pursued by the minion mirror monsters (invisible to her). She backs away from him, visibly creeped out.
    • Maya tries to take pictures of Len after he saves her. He rips the camera out of her hands and stomps on it, breaking it.
  • Len arrives just a moment too late to catch Kit before he falls into Ventara. His mildy annoyed tone when he sighs just spells out This Is Gonna Suck.
    • Kit has exactly the same reaction upon meeting Len in Ventara while afterwards.
  • Kit attacking the spider mirror monster in blank form, only to have his sword broken and himself thrown across the place is just as funny to watch as Kido's attempts in Ryuki.

#2 Contract With The Dragon
  • Len finally finds Kit after they were separated at the end of the last episode. Kit tries to drive away, leading to a short chase before he has to stop before a passerby crossing the street. Len drives up to him and takes his keys, forcing Kit to follow him on foot.
  • Len tries to threaten Kit by warning him that if he becomes a Kamen Rider, then he will be vented. Kit is intimidated by the way he delivers it, not by the threat itself, as he doesn't know what being vented means.
    • When their conversation is interrupted by sound of portal opening a moment later, Len explains it shortly before thinking for a moment, grabbing Kit by jacket and dragging him towards the source of the sound.
  • Kit trying to transform into Kamen Rider Dragon Knight, and failing miserably at it, is hilarious. Made only more hilarious when his dad's voice tells him that he's doing it wrong.

#3 Kamen Rider Incisor
  • What does Incisor complain about after a fight? Sprained butt and killer headache.
    • Also the fact that his father disowned him with reasoning that he is spoiled and useless. Very fitting, indeed.
  • Richie is supposed to get milion bucks for every rider defeated. His first brush with Kit actually proves to be a bit more of a challenge than he is expected because of how much resistance Kit would put up.
    Richie: I'd like to know who came up with the term "easy money."

#4 A Rider's Challenge
  • Kit is told by Len that there are multiple riders and the will be after him. Kit takes it in his usual sarcastic way.
    Great. Now, because of you I have big Kick Me sign on my back. Thanks a lot.
  • Maya assists Michelle Walsh with interviewing the man Len and Kit saved in Contract with the Dragon. He describes everything as it was, but Michelle brushes him off as Attention Whore geek. Just as the man explains, Len transforms out of his and Michelle's line of sight, visible only to Maya. Her puzzled expression is just a cherry on the top.
  • Kit, annoyed with lack of answers, tries to get some out of Len.
    Kit: You haven't answered any of my questions. Like...your name.
    Len: Len. My name is Len, Kamen Rider Wing Knight.
    Kit: All right, now we're getting somewhere. (pats the other man on shoulder)
    (Len gives such a poisonous look that Kit immediately moves his hand away)
  • Kit studies cards of his Advent deck.
    Strike vent, sword vent, guard vent...I thought I was done with homework.

#5 The Power Of Two
  • Drew shows off his Evil Is Petty qualities.
    Xaviax: Not having any doubts about betraying your entire planet, are you, Mr. Lansing?
    Drew: Oh no, I was just deciding whether I'd like to live in the White House or Buckingham Palace.

#6 Kamen Rider Torque
  • Kit headbutts Xaviax's zebra monster.
    I am not doin' that again.

#7 Friend Or Foe
  • During the fight between Len and Drew.
    Drew/Torque: With Xaviax's power, I'll be a king! And as last man on Earth, I'll get my pick of the ladies. It's gonna be sweet...
    Len/Wing Knight: You're gonna be the last man on Earth to get a date? That's not sweet, that's sad.
  • Kit commenting on his Strike Vent (dragon head shooting fireballs)
    This will come in handy at my next barbeque.

#9 Kamen Rider Thrust
  • Maya did not show up in the shop whole day, so Trent gets worried. Since he can't leave the shop, he tasks Lacey with searching for her. Aunt Grace claims that Lacey did not have any chance to find Maya unless she was in a shoe shop in the nearby mall later on.

#10 Battle Club
  • Xaviax realizes that humans don't follow orders very well.
    What moron gave humans free will?!
  • Xaviax showing off his Affably Evil capabilities by wishing Strike (revealed to be JTC a while later) a nice evening with Maya.

#11 Vent Or Be Vented
  • Kit arrives home to tell Len about a new rider, but finds Wing Knight fast asleep. Attempts to pass the important info on only get him to roll over. When Len wakes up in the morning, Kit is sleeping on the floor besides the couch, covered with his (Len's) jacket he somehow managed to pull off the other rider.
  • Maya's attempt to lure out the mystery hero of Gramercy Heights: have Trent dress up as a monster and pretend to kidnap Lacey at Gramercy Park. Trent's costume is pathetic and Lacey couldn't care less about pretending to be a Damsel in Distress, until:
    Maya: Pretend like Trent is hitting on you!
    [Lacey immediately lets out an earsplitting shriek and runs away]
    • Maya then promptly gets distracted when the new Rider appears (due to an unrelated incident, rendering her plan moot) and when she realizes she forgot her friends, the scene cuts to show Trent unconscious at the feet of a Mime who was performing at the park and mistook him for an actual kidnapper. Then, Detective Grimes shows up:
    Detective Grimes: What's going on here?
    [the Mime imitates Trent "attacking" Lacey and Lacey screaming]
    Detective Grimes: All right. Listen, freaks-
    Maya: (running into view) Detective Grimes!
    Detective Grimes: You're Kit Taylor's friend. Is he a part of...this?
    Maya: No, no. He has nothing to do with this. We were just—making a monster movie! Y'know, lights, camera, action? (to Lacey) A monster movie, right?
    Lacey: I'm the star!
    [as Maya explains, the Mime makes an Oh, Crap! face an exaggeratedly "sneaks" away]
    Detective Grimes: (as the Mime appears behind him and starts imitating him) A movie. Right. I-[Beat] He's behind me, isn't he? (Mime continues exaggeratedly imitating him as he lectures) You know, I could write you a ticket for this. Making a movie without a permit. But I think I'll just let you off with a warning. No monster movies on public property.
    Maya: Thank you, Detective Grimes.
    Lacey: Yeah, thanks! I knew there was a reason I thought cops were so cute!
    Detective Grimes: Right. (walks off with the Mime making "lucky you!" gestures at him in response to Lacey's flirting)
    Trent: (regaining consciousness) I got owned by a Mime.
    Lacey: Hey, try being rescued by one. He gave me an invisible flower and his phone number.
  • Kit's Flat "What." upon encountering Chris. He came across few of Xaviax's lies already, but apparently, this was too outlandish even for him.
    Dragon Knight: Okay, now who are you?
    Sting: (dead serious) This is my planet, alien. I ask the questions!
    Dragon Knight: (puzzled) Alien? What are you talking about?
    Sting: (still deadly serious) By order of the United States government, you're under arrest.

#13 Thrill Of The Hunt
  • In Drew's origin flashback, after he is given his advent deck, he sees a Gelnewt monster with a chauffeur hat sitting in the driver's seat of Xaviax's van, tapping the steering wheel as if it's bored.
    Drew: 0_0
    Gelnewt: [nods at Drew, adjusts hat, continues tapping]
  • Strike's comment to cornered Torque is either funny or nightmarish depending on how you look at it.
    You can't talk your way out of this one, Drew, which is too bad, because I don't think you're good enough to fight your way out of it either.
    • Torque's Ryuki counterpart, Kitaoka, managed to talk his way out of fighting with Asakura, Strike's Ryuki counterpart. Torque himself is not that good.

#15 The Many Faces Of Xaviax
  • Kit told Chris how he got into this mess.
    Chris: You must have been freaked out, not knowing what was going on.
    Kit: Yeah, but things got really freaky when I met Maya.
    Maya: Hey!
    Kit: (teasing) Oh, come on. Didn't you think I was crazy when you first met me?
    Maya: (jokingly) I still think you're crazy.

#17 The Power Of Three

#18 Brothers Cho
  • Kit and Chris guessing what Len did before he became a rider. The outcome? Drill sergeant and dog walker.
  • Kit unknowingly touched Chris's sensitive spot while talking about how his father would always back him up. Chris abruptly leaves and Kit exchanges annoyed look with Len.
  • JTC comments on the Blood Knight tendencies of his new subordinates, Danny/Axe and Albert/Spear after they drive away to fight Len.
    JTC: (echoing earlier comment by Xaviax) Enthusiastic, but not very bright.
  • Len is ambushed by the Cho brothers. He takes their decks, thus forcing them to fight barehanded.
    (Len punches Albert)
    Danny: Nobody messes with my brother!
    (Len smirks, turns around and kicks Albert in butt, sending him through window on Ventara)
    • After the Cho brothers get beaten in a stunning barehanded beatdown, they meet with JTC and get this praise:

#21 Strike's Ultimatum

#34 Back In Black
  • Len, Price and Chance are aided by an unknown rider in battle. Len goes talk to him after the battle. He cautiously asks what he wants. The rider detransforms, revealing Kit, who playfully asks for a glass of water.
    • Price and Chance walking in on the scene creates a misunderstanding for Len to clear. Kit is alarmed because he sees the worst among Earth riders (JTC, Drew) and they are annoyed/mildly angry because they see the traitor (Adam).
  • Price (Strike) wonders why Maya avoids him.
    Price: I felt an odd energy from that Maya girl. Did I do something to anger her? Did I violate some strange Earth taboo?
    Chance: I thought girls always treated you that way, Price.
  • Kit returns with Len, Price and Chance to No Men's base. Trent doesn't have the whole thing with mirror twins down yet.
    Kit: (happy) Hey, man.
    Trent: (cautiously) Kit, is that you or...
    Kit: (annoyed) You've got to be kidding me, right Trent?
    • Trent realizes that he is really talking to Kit and greets him in a better way. Then they try to high five each other and when it doesn't work they share an extremely awkward hug. It fits the not exactly friendly relationship they had through the story.
  • Trent, Kit and Hunt (Axe) talk about mirror twins. Hunt just returned from a fight with Adam (original Dragon Knight). Kit had a few nasty brushes with Cho Brothers when they were around.
    Hunt: Sorry, I just had a run-in with your double.
    Kit: That's no problem. I've had a couple with yours before.
    Trent: Doubles are nuts. I mean, they've got that whole good and evil, and you know, it's like two scoops of ice cream, except one of 'em you don't like.
    • Kit, Hunt and Chance react with a what the hell sort of face. Price mantains a stoic one.
  • Hunt and Price pitch in with some ideas on how to find the transmitters after Xaviax worked on cloaking their signal. Trent gleefully calls them geeks. They give him weird looks because they apparently have no idea what it means. Mind you, all the Ventaran riders were born early into the previous century (30's or so) and spend most of the time from where they become riders in suspended animation. They have no idea about modern culture.


  • Michelle tells Kit an adress of monster attack. Kit retorts he doesn't know where it is, because he is not a taxi driver.
  • Kit awkwardly saluting to Colonel Stuart.
  • Len's mirror twin, Brian, being The Mole to Kit is ironic when you consider that Kit's own mirror twin, Adam, also had this role among the Ventaran riders.
  • The reveal that Richie ended up working as parking attendant.