Heartwarming / Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths

  • The Jester sacrificing himself for Good!Lex. Also, Jester's pet monkey Harley expressing sadness at Jester's death.
  • Johnny Quick's dying moments. He even manages a friendly quib before he goes.
    Johnny: Did we save the world, then?
    Batman: We did.
    Johnny: And all that rubbish about me being faster than Flash? You knew this was gonna happen. Good one, mate.
    • The Flash is the first one at his side. He genuinely cares about his fellow speedster.
    • Not just the Flash: all of the League present were there for his final moments despite him being an enemy. The remaining Syndicate members....well...
  • Martian Manhunter may be Strangled by the Red String with the First Daughter, but it's pretty sweet when Wonder Woman tells him to stay if he wants to.
  • Superwoman kissing Owlman is oddly endearing for people of their...mental state.