Heartwarming / Jonathan Creek

  • Despite being a womanizing, selfish Jerk Ass, it is somewhat heartwarming to see the apparently genuine affection that Adam Klaus lavishes on his pet tiger in "The Scented Room."
  • After Jonathan discovers what the words "Gordon Hill coming down" mean after glimpsing them in Maddy's diary, he goes to join her at the destruction of the apartment block where her mother killed herself. As Maddy is weeps at the sight of "Gordon Hill coming down", Jonathan offers her his arm and they walk off silently together.
  • Jonathan, in a supposedly out of character decision, asking for exactly $100,000 US dollars as his service fee in "The Omega Man" - it turns out that in British pounds that's £65000 - exactly what Maddy's animal shelter needs to keep going.
  • The exchange between Kathleen and Jacqui in "Miracle on Crooked Lane." After being shunned by the rest of the community, the former nude model and bed-hopper meets a missionary having tea in the garden:
    Jacqui: I've never once set foot inside the church. I thought that maybe...today. But perhaps it's already too late.
    Kathleen: Do you think God's got to rush off somewhere? If you've got something to say to him, I promise you, he's ready to listen.
  • On discovering that her husband has been having an affair, pop starlet Sally Ellen Oakley goes to her father-in-law for comfort, who tells her that it's dangerous when beautiful people fall in love, as you never know whether they're marrying for love or not. He recounts that his own marriage was rock-solid, because: "we were both pretty ugly."
  • There's a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment between Jonathan and Maddy at a dinner party after Maddy has let her hostess believe she's Jewish. The woman asks her: "Do you like my husband's yarmulke? He made it himself!" Thinking she means the dessert they're eating, Maddy replies: "exquisite..." only for Jonathan to discreetly clear his throat and pat his head. Without missing a beat Maddy realizes that the woman is referring to her husband's hat and finishes with: "...ly made, with all the lovely stitching." It's beautifully encapsulates the bond between Jonathan and Maddy — even when she's driving him crazy with her crazy lies and schemes, he makes sure she keeps her cover.