Tear Jerker / Jonathan Creek

  • Maddy watching the destruction of Gordon Hill, the neighbourhood where her mother killed herself.
  • The revelation in Satan's Chimney that Tom was tricked into murdering his own mother.
  • Polly is haunted by dreams of the childhood figure she always knew as the Sandman and saw as a malevolent figure in her childhood in The Sinner and the Sandman. Come the end of the episode, we learn that the Sandman was just a vet who had to come and put her beloved pet rabbit to sleep. There are carrots at the bottom of her dad's garden- it turns out that these mark the spot where the rabbit was buried, and the carrots were planted so that the rabbit would always have a snack. Polly's dad kept planting these carrots regularly until his death. Sob.
  • Barry's recounting Maddy's childhood for Jonathan and Jonathan joining her at Gordon Hill in "The Scented Room."
    • In the same episode, we have Maddy's admission that she might have "stepped in front" of the wreckers knocking down her childhood home if Jonathan hadn't arrived when he did.