Tear Jerker / Jonathan Creek

  • Maddy watching the destruction of Gordon Hill, the neighbourhood where her mother killed herself.
  • The revelation in Satan's Chimney that Tom was tricked into murdering his own mother.
  • Polly is haunted by dreams of the childhood figure she always knew as the Sandman and saw as a malevolent figure in her childhood in The Sinner and the Sandman. Come the end of the episode, we learn that the Sandman was just a vet who had to come and put her beloved pet rabbit to sleep. There are carrots at the bottom of her dad's garden- it turns out that these mark the spot where the rabbit was buried, and the carrots were planted so that the rabbit would always have a snack. Polly's dad kept planting these carrots regularly until his death. Sob.
  • Barry's recounting Maddy's childhood for Jonathan and Jonathan joining her at Gordon Hill in "The Scented Room."
    • In the same episode, we have Maddy's admission that she might have "stepped in front" of the wreckers knocking down her childhood home if Jonathan hadn't arrived when he did.
  • It's subtle, but when the truth comes out about who Robin Priest really is, it becomes obvious why he was so immediately attracted to the good-looking but obnoxious Mimi Tranter — the flashbacks reveal she's the splitting image of his deceased wife, as depicted in the portraits hanging on the walls of his home. An amnesiac man still subconsciously remembers the love of his life.