Trivia / Jonathan Creek

  • The Other Darrin: Adam Klaus was played by Anthony Stewart Head in the first episode but he had to drop out owing to his role in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, although his photo appears on Adam Klaus t-shirts and posters throughout Series One. From Series 2 onwards he's played by Stuart Milligan, and appears in pretty much every episode.
  • The Pete Best: Stuart Milligan is considered the definitive Adam Klaus, particularly since Anthony Stewart Head only played him in the pilot episode.
    • A straighter example is Maddy's cameraman boyfriend from the pilot (played by Alistair Mc Gowan) who was intended to become a recurring character, but is never mentioned again.
  • Take That!: The first episode of the 2014 series features a young upstart detective whose dress and mannerisms are all digs at BBC's own Sherlock, right down to the distinctive camera zooms and editing when he's making his deductions. Of course, Jonathan Creek was solving impossible crimes on BBC primetime before it was cool, so he has to take the newcomer down a peg or two.
  • What Could Have Been: Previous candidates for the role of Jonathan included Rik Mayall, Hugh Laurie (who was still being typecast as an Upper-Class Twit back then) and even Bill Bailey.
    • Hugh Laurie was actually cast at one point before the pilot was filmed, but left the project because of Jonathan's reluctance to solve crimes — Laurie couldn't find the character's motivation for actually following Maddy on her investigations. Somewhat ironic, given that House is something of a Dr. Jerk Jonathan Creek - obsessed with puzzles, not so much with people.
    • Rik Mayall later turns up in the series as a police detective who's just as smart as Jonathan, and Bill Bailey as a hapless magician who decidedly isn't.