Fridge / Jonathan Creek

  • In The Scented Room, Maddy is initially motivated by the 50,000 pound reward, only to later tell Lady Cutler to use it to buy something her son really needs - "maybe like a life?". This episode is, of course, the one where Maddy's own traumatic childhood is mentioned.
  • When Adam is standing trial for sexual assault, the audience assumes, at first, that he did it. Considering his womanizing ways, it looks as if he is getting his comeuppance for once. Then it turns out that he is actually innocent. Knowing Adam's character, though, this makes more sense - he is sleazy, but not a rapist. He sleeps with every woman in sight because it's an ego trip for him to convince them to do it, not because he's ruled by libido alone. Adam is one of the least likely characters to sexually assault a random woman - he prides himself on his smoothness and charm, not a simple "kill count."