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Heartwarming: James Rolfe
  • His latest Cinemassacre 300 offering, "The Dragon in My Dreams." really delves into the psyche of James Rolfe as a person who's chasing his own "dragon", so to speak. It shows what inspired him to be a filmmaker in the first place, and it's an emotional, tear-jerking short that somehow makes up for all the negativity that his Fan Dumb and Broken Base are causing lately.
  • In his review of The Dark Knight Rises he briefly addresses the shooting in the Colorado theater and gives his regards to the people who suffered through it. He then tells the viewers to go watch the movie but be safe.
  • James and his wife recently had a healthy baby girl! James made a post on Cinemassacre stating that there were some complications but everything's alright now, and adds "My wife and baby are the most important things in the world to me, and it's top priority that I look after them." Awwwww.
  • Every video of James and Mike playing the NES / Super NES etc. Just showing that two friends playing the game like they are still kids is just very heartwarming.
  • At the end of his SNES vs Genesis video, he clearly favors SNES, but says the world would be incomplete without both consoles.
    • James as a little kid trying to defend Nintendo by pointing out the Tiger Games, posters, Power Pad, Zapper Gun (or as he called it, the Power Gun), walkthroughs, characters, and the fact that the controllers have stickers on them. Later, he defends the SNES by pointing how how its graphics scale and have high resolution—or as he says, "resoluation."
  • In his 2014 Magfest panel, a fan asks James for a hug and he obliges, much to the approval of the audience.
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