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Heartwarming: The Cynical Brit
  • This video sums up about four years of TotalBiscuit's life: He was basically screwed over by the system, forced back to the UK and away from his wife and stepson, and while living with depression that they can't be with each other for around four years, bouncing around job after job trying to earn enough to get a visa to return to the US through the recession until finally Husky Starcraft has a Big Damn Heroes moment giving TB his place in The Game Station, and now finally he and Genna (his wife) can be together again.
  • For all his snarky straight man behavior, it's quite obvious TB cares about and respects his friends a great deal. Yes, even Jesse. For example, this video on the subject of 'selling out.'
  • Crank, a pro Starcraft II player recently without a team, has all but accepted that he will not be attending MLG this year because he can't afford it while being teamless. TB's response? He/his wife looks into the situation and decides to sponsor his flight and transportation to the event. They run into a new problem however, in that the MLG passes are sold out, but amongst the Silent Majority of TB's subscriber base, a Reddit user gives his own MLG pass to Crank, thus ensuring that he can be participating in the events.
    • More heartwarming now that TotalBiscuit and his wife have started a pro Starcraft team with Crank as its first member
  • During his FTL: Faster Than Light Livestream, a Mantis by the name of Charlie is added to TB's crew. And after having massacrered his way through crew after crew from enemy ships, he's killed, offscreen, in a Random Event. TB's response to said event being a mix of Big "NO!", Big "WHAT?!" and You Bastard - what gets it here though, is how sad he sounds when he sees that Charlie's streak was the best he's ever had.
    TB (Upon seeing scoreboard with Charlie on it): Charlie... Rest in Peace Charlie. Sixteen combat kills to his name.
  • Most of this VLOG, in which he talks about giving to causes, why he promotes donation drives and his reasons for backing any charity.
    • For those who just want a summary: It is in TB's opinion that you should never feel bad for wanting to help others, and that a person who goes out of their way to do so (when it is within their means) should never be vilified, they should be praised. Yes, there is almost always someone worse off than the person you're helping, but what's important is that people do what they can.
  • This video, based on the recent (at time of writing) shooting in Connecticut. Doubles as a Crowning Moment of Awesome as he calls out the Media's behavior surrounding the incident.
  • TB proposing to Genna during the World of Warcraft Radio days:
    TB: "Genna, will you marry me?"
    TB: "Is that a yes?"
    Genna: "YES!"
  • John taking the time to publicly admit that he might have cancer, and reminding everyone to not ignore the symptoms. Especially if they are embarrassing.
  • The dedication of his "Trending Gamer" award at The Game Awards to a fan of his who had been diagnosed with bone cancer and gone through Make-A-Wish to try and meet him. TB said that he couldn't do it because the request got to him only a short time before he himself was diagnosed with colon cancer and started to undergo treatment, but said that he never forgot about that fan and honored him in his acceptance speech for the award.

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