Heartwarming: Incredible Hulk

  • After Skaar attempted to kill the Hulk, but then reverts to human form right before the Green Scar is about to strike him in retaliation, this reminds Green Scar of his own abusive father. The Green Scar immediately turns back into Bruce, and he and Skaar finally hug each other as father and son. Also overlaps with Tear Jerker, after seeing the flashbacks to Bruce's own childhood.
  • When Hulk meets all of his dead family and friends during Chaos War, reunites with his mother (who doesn't like his wife Red She-Hulk), makes up with Doc Samson (now restored from the Character Derailment) and Doctor Strange, is saved from his father, empowered by all the fear that Bruce felt for him, by Queen Jarella empowered by all the love that he felt for her, and they give each other a hug before they have to be parted again.
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