Heartwarming: iZombie

The TV Series

Episode 1: Pilot
  • Ravi's treatment of Liv is an episode long crowning moment of heartwarming. He accepts Liv's undead status unconditionally, and when she explains how she became a zombie, his first thought is how hard it must be for her to have no one to confide in. He also implores her to stop thinking of herself as dead and is hard at work trying to find a cure for her condition.

Episode 2: Brother, can You Spare a Brain?
  • Any moment where Liv reflects on the bright side of being undead, but especially this parting sentiment:
    Liv: There were parts of me that were dead even before I became a zombie, so maybe that means there's parts of me that can spring to life, even now that I'm dead.

Episode 4: Liv and let Clive
  • Major and Ravi bonding over a mutual love of RPGs and video games; Ravi had no interest in moving in with Major and even tried to drive him away at first, but the two hit it off enough for him to be willing to forgo his issues with living with others to give it a shot.

Episode 7: Maternity Liv
  • When seems as if Lowell has lost interest in Liv, he admits that the mixed signals are from eating the brains of a gay man. Once that's cleared up, Liv enjoys an evening goofing around with her briefly Gay Best Friend.