Heartwarming / I Dream of Jeannie

  • In "The Moving Finger," Jeannie schemes to become a Hollywood actress in order to impress Tony, who seems to be starting a budding romance with a starlet named Rita Mitchell. At Jeannie's screentest, it is revealed that Jeannie cannot be filmed. Humiliated and cheated, Jeannie breaks down crying, being reminded yet again how she will never be good enough for Tony. Meanwhile, Tony sneaks in and explains he broke his date with Rita to see Jeannie's test. Upon hearing this, Jeannie lights up and says, "I cannot believe it...I have taken thee away from the greatest star in Hollywood!."
  • A big part of the arc with Jeannie trapped in the safe involves her not knowing what her actual birthday is because she's lived for so long. Before things really hit the fan, Tony sticks a candle in a glazed donut on his desk and lights it. Then he says "Jeannie? Happy birthday, no matter when it is." Even in this desperate moment, Jeannie looks genuinely touched and blows out the candle.