Heartwarming: I Love Lucy

  • While performing at the club one evening, Ricky receives an anonymous note asking him to perform "We're Having a Baby" in order to help a woman properly inform her husband of her pregnancy. In response, he decides to search the audience and celebrate with the couple in person. Eventually, he passes Lucy, then does a double-take as she confirms their upcoming blessing with nothing but a smile. As Ricky sings of the joyful anticipation they now share together, he and a tearful Lucy promenade through the crowd and share a kiss.
    Ricky: [stands up and hollers to the crowd] It's me! It's my wife!
  • Similarly, one could also count when Lucy's friends threw her a surprise birthday party at the Tropicana, and Ricky serenaded Lucy with their show's theme song.
    • That whole episode was heartwarming, even lonely old Mrs. Trumble throwing Lucy a party all on her own after no one showed up to Lucy's.
  • A minor moment in "Lucy Goes to Cuba". In spite of her best efforts, Lucy has messed up in front of Ricky's family and is near tears.
    Lucy: What would you do if the first time I met you, I spilled punch all over your suit?
    Ricky: Just what I did! Wait for my suit to come back from the cleaners and then marry you.
  • In-universe, Ricky speaks with George Reeve's manager to have him appear as Superman at Little Ricky's birthday party, only George was about to fly out to California. However, after George learns that it was for a birthday party, he shows up so as not to disappoint the kids.(Reportedly a Truth in Television about the actor's commitment to his youngest fans.).