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Heartwarming: I Love Lucy
  • While performing at the club one evening, Ricky receives an anonymous note asking him to perform "We're Having a Baby" in order to help a woman properly inform her husband of her pregnancy. In response, he decides to search the audience and celebrate with the couple in person. Eventually, he passes Lucy, then does a double-take as she confirms their upcoming blessing with nothing but a smile. As Ricky sings of the joyful anticipation they now share together, he and a tearful Lucy promenade through the crowd and share a kiss.
  • Similarly, one could also count when Lucy's friends threw her a surprise birthday party at the Tropicana, and Ricky serenaded Lucy with their show's theme song.
    • That whole episode was heartwarming, even lonely old Mrs. Trumble throwing Lucy a party all on her own after no one showed up to Lucy's.
  • A minor moment in "Lucy Goes to Cuba". In spite of her best efforts, Lucy has messed up in front of Ricky's family and is near tears.
    Lucy: What would you do if the first time I met you, I spilled punch all over your suit?
    Ricky: Wait for my suit to come back from the cleaners and marry you anyway.
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