Headscratchers: I Dream of Jeannie

  • Okay, here's something that has kind of bothered me a little: we know that Jeannie can blink herself from one place to another, like from Tony's house to his office, or from one location to another, so why exactly can't she blink herself out of a drawer, a filing cabinet, or a safe? Like when they did that four-part story arc where she was locked in a safe and they couldn't get her out? It just didn't make too much sense (and frankly, it was a pretty weak arc anyway). So yeah, like, is there some sort of in-universe explanation for that?
    • My guess is a Genie isn't able or allowed to let herself out of some kind of discrete container until someone lets them out. Someplace like a house or an office isn't meant to contain, but a drawer or a safe is specifically made to keep something from getting in or out without something else opening it.
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