Heartwarming / Heroes

  • Socks. No, really, It Makes Sense in Context.
  • The relationship between Nathan and Peter throughout the entire series. Especially their final goodbye, and Peter´s response to Samuel in Season 4´s finale. It´s heartwarming that after everything, Peter hasn´t lost himself: he still loves and idolizes his brother, and he´s still "fighting the good fight".
    Samuel: Peter, you of all people should know they have to fear us! That's the only way they'll respect us. All you've ever wanted is respect. We both know what it's like to live in the shadow of a brother. Joseph destroyed my potential, kept me down, just like your brother!
    Peter: My brother didn't let me down. He built me up.
  • Daphne's fantasy sequence as she lays dying. "Fly me to the moon". Oh god...the only way it could be more heart wrenching is if someone made an AMV of it.
  • Hiro saying goodbye to Kaito after visiting his mother's funeral.
  • Hiro's magic show/speech to Emma in Tabula Rasa. He teaches her that powers are always a blessing if you use them right, while putting on a magic show for sick kids in a hospital. (Not to mention, this is also during the Cast from Hit Points time, so he himself is dying the entire time.)
  • Hiro's mother: "No, I've come to heal you. This episode also contained a Crowning Moment of Awesome and a Crowning Moment of Funny, each quite separate from the other two. Do we have a trope for achieving the trifecta?
  • Hiro's reunion with Charlie, in its entirety. Especially when the granddaughter walks in, and Hiro realizes the full implications of "saving" her.
  • When Mr. Bennet lets himself be shot twice so he can protect his little girl...and then when the Haitian has to dig through his memory...
    "Go deep. Take anything that could lead them to her."
  • And the flashback scene before that, when Noah tries on his horn-rimmed browline glasses for the first time:
    Noah: How do I look?
    Claire: Like my dad.
  • The thousand paper cranes scene with Charlie and Hiro and of course the Season 1 finale: "Call me Noah."
  • There's the Bennett family hug at the end of "Company Man" - really heartwarming given how much has happened to their family in that episode. They got taken hostage, Claire was shot, and to cap it off their house got nuked by Ted Sprague.
  • And Molly Walker has to be a walking Heartwarming Moment. Starting with that one look she gave to Micah in the season 1 finale.
  • Niki has been put through a lot of stress in the first season, so it's especially heartwarming when she finally overcomes her Superpowered Evil Side, punches out a Company agent who's been masquerading as her, and saves Micah by herself in the season finale.
    • D.L. phasing his hand through the glass when he and Micah were visiting Niki in prison was definitely a heartwarming moment since Niki turned herself in so that Micah will at least have one parent.
  • Matt at Molly's hospital bed in the season 2 episode "Out of Time."
    Matt: I love you, Molly.
    Molly: I heard!
  • Season 3: "Claire Bear, huh?" and Hiro's last meeting with his mom.
  • The Paris scene from "Cold Snap": Matt gives Daphne a storybook ending; he telepathically creates a dream in which he flies her around the Eiffel Tower then to the moon (per her request) while she lay dying in a hospital bed. Perhaps the most heartbreaking scene of the entire series. Definitely the most romantic scene. It's yet another CMoA for Bryan Fuller, for that matter.
    • Also in that episode, Tracy's sacrifice right before the scene above. Micah snaps at her for giving him up to the government. Tracy responds by telling him to escape, then sacrificing herself to kill the agents so that he can get away. The blink and the tear at the very end as she's lying on the ground really adds to the effect.
  • Peter and Emma playing the piano together, especially in "Shadowboxing", after the talk they had about her nephew's death and her saving the little girl's life. He then put the girl's tiara on Emma's head. D'awww.
  • "You've found your way home, brother."
  • Nathan convincing Peter to let go of him and accept his death.
    Nathan: "You can do anything, Pete, anything.
    • Going back to Season 1, there's a moment of the roof where Peter and Claude are hanging out with Claude's pigeons and Peter asks what Charles Darwin meant by "a species' full potential." It's all in the way Claude looks at him:
      Claude: I think he meant you, friend.
    • Peter and Claire share a few familial moments together after Nathan's funeral.
  • Hiro and Charlie's reunion doubles as a Heartwarming Moment and a Tear Jerker. While Hiro recovers from his brain surgery, he receives a note from Charlie, who is apparently somewhere in the hospital. Hiro rushes to her room to find that Charlie is now an old woman. Samuel had her put in 1944, where she has lived a full and happy life to this day. She has a husband, four children, and seven grandchildren, and she wanted to see Hiro one last time before she died. Hiro's quiet bow goodbye and Charlie's happy face make this a Heartwarming Moment for the ages.
  • Future!Sylar's behavior toward his son. D'aww.
  • Pretty much all of Sylar and Peter's interactions in "The Wall" and "Brave New World". (It also doubles as fuel for any Sylar/Peter shippers.)
    • Sylar and Peter are trapped in Sylar's head for five years (a few hours in reality) in "The Wall". Eventually, the have to get along in other to escape. Sylar apologizes for killing Nathan and Peter seems to forgive him. Then Sylar says this:
      Sylar:I might not be able to bring Nathan back, but I can sure as hell swing a sledgehammer. (Sylar then helps Peter dismantle the wall and they are able to wake up.)
    • After they both wake up, Sylar asks if the time they spend together was actually real and Peter only offers a small smile.
    • During "Brave New World" Peter and Sylar split up to find Samuel and save Emma. Sylar actually gives Peter a reassuring pat on the chest by putting his hand over Peter's heart. Awww.
  • Peter and Emma's reunion at the carnival. The happy look on Peter's face is adorable.
  • Sylar greeting Baby Matt Parkman. Sure, he's just pretending to be nice and polite to Janice and Baby Matt in order to keep Parkman from freaking out, but it's adorable nonetheless.
  • Hiro's password on his supercomputer is the name of someone who's very important to him. It's Ando.
  • Nathan flying to Costa Verde to save Claire at the end of “Shades of Grey.”
  • In a deleted scene from "Orientation"/"Jump, Push, Fall", Tracy brings Noah home from the hospital and calls Sandra to come and keep an eye on him as he recovered. The scene concludes with Mr. Muggles jumping up on the bed and snuggling a sleeping Noah.