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Drinking Game: Heroes
Drinking game for Heroes:

  • Take a shot every time Everyone Is Driving A Nissan or mentions a Nissan.
  • Whenever a character dies, take a shot.
    • Take two shots if they die from having their head sliced open
    • Down your drink if a character is brought back from the dead.
      • If this person is Nathan Petrelli, be wary of alcohol poisoning.
  • Drink everytime someone uses a power
  • Take a shot everytime a prophetic painting comes true
  • Take a shot whenever Mr Bennett's first name is said or shown
  • Take a shot everytime the words "special", "hero" or "save" are said
  • Take a shot everytime Niki and Jessica switch control
  • Take a shot anytime Peter Petrelli flicks or pushes back his hair
    • Down a drink if he changes hairstyle
  • Take a shot if you see The Symbol (scenes with Takezo Kensei's sword are going to be messy)
  • Take a shot if there's a greyscale flash-back
  • Take a shot if Mr Bennett shouts "Claire!", says "Claire-Bear", touches his glasses or has the camera over his shoulder
  • Take a shot if a superhuman is bagged and tagged
  • Take a shot if two main characters meet by complete coincidence
  • Take a shot if Hiro says "Yatta!"
    • Take two if it's after stabbing someone
  • Take a shot if a character monologues (the opening and closing ones are optional)
  • Take a shot for every reference to superheroes or Star Trek
  • Take a shot every time Mohinder mentions "my father's research"
    • Liver damage could occur if this is during Season 1, as his every other line is "my father's research".
  • Take a shot every time Sylar kills someone, either for powers or for no reason at all.
    • Be very careful to avoid liver poisoning if you do this.
  • Take a shot if Nathan acts worse than Sylar.
  • Take a shot every time Angela Petrelli manipulates or lies to someone.
    • Substitute alcohol for water in this case.

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