Heartwarming / GoodFellas

  • Henry goes and beats the guy that groped Karen:
    Guy: What do you want, fucko? You want some?
    Henry: *immediately beats him in the face with a gun about fifteen times* I swear on my mother if you touch her again you're dead!" *hits him again*
  • After beating Batts to death and moving the body, Tommy apologizes to Henry in his own way.
    Tommy: I didn't wanna get blood on your floor.
  • Jimmy's Manly Tears after Tommy is killed, showing that underneath the psychopathic nature, he did have a good friend he cared about and meant something to him.
    • This also shows when Jimmy and Tommy tells Henry about Tommy being made. Jimmy actually seems more excited than Tommy, acting like a proud father who's son made it into Harvard. Jimmy beams, "We're all going to work for this guy some day!", not even caring that he's basically going to take a back seat theoretically in the crew he runs. He's just so happy that his protegé accomplished something an Irish-born like Henry and Jimmy couldn't.
  • It's implied that Paulie intentionally gave himself contempt of court so he could be there for Henry during his first year in jail.
  • Tommy's relationship with his mother.
  • A young Henry helping out a man who was just stabbed.