Heartwarming / Gokusen

  • When Kumiko and Kyo go to free Shin from house arrest, Kumiko climbs onto Shin's balcony and makes a reference to Romeo and Juliet:
    Kumiko: *hanging off the balcony* You know... aren't these roles usually reversed?
  • Let's not forget the confession! This troper teared up a little... and then was laughing a few seconds later.
  • When Shin's friends set him up so that he was alone with Kumiko at the fireworks festival while he was semi-brainwashed into acting like a host. Hilarious at first, then heart-tugging near the end. You could seriously tell that Shin was bursting to confess right then and there, but held himself back.
  • Shin's first admission of his love for Yankumi is this in its own way, combined with Crowning Moment of Funny:
    Noda: I've always been curious about one thing... Shin-chan, do you... like Yankumi?
    Shin: I think... probably....
    Kuma: EH!?
    Minami: WHY!?
    Uchi: Yankumi's chest is like an airport runway!
  • Shin sure likes telling people who aren't Kumiko about his crush on her...
    Shinohara: If it were you, you'd nab her without hesitating?
    Shin: Of course.