Heartwarming / Fate/Reach Out

  • Chapter 25: Taiga's shadow pretty much hit every issue she had, but she doesn't reject it outright because she knows things are different with Shirou and that he respects her. This ends up stopping her from being murdered by her own shadow.
    • Later in the Chapter, she defends Kiritsugu for Shirou's sake after Kotomine reveals the Awful Truth about his nature prior to the war and then hugs Shirou.
  • Chapter 26: The Promise Taiga has Shirou make after getting the first idea of how deep Shirou's desire to help people actually runs.
    Taiga: So please. Whatever you do in your life, whether it's fixing junk for a living or going into god-knows-where for rescues… I'll support you all the way. Just promise me that you'll come back alive each time.
    Shirou: I'll come back alive, Fuji-nee. I promise.
  • Chapter 32: Shirou giving Teddie a You Are Better Than You Think You Are speech after hearing him questioning his worth.