YMMV: Fate: Reach Out

  • Evil Gloating: "Nami" basically stealth gloats half of "his" Evil Plan to Shirou in chapter 20. Shirou, of course, doesn't get it.
  • Genius Bonus:
    • The Persona Eligor of the Chariot Arcana, Duke of Hell mentioned on The Lesser Key of Solomon and proved In-Universe badass since the fight against Shadow Yukiko, is also a rather accomplished Shipper on Deck if his advices to Shirou are any indication. Believe it or not, The Matchmaker tendencies are in fact canon as far as the myth is concerned if you take the "He causeth the Love of Lords and Great Persons" thing into account.
    • Izanagi recognizing Yomotsu-Shikome and Yomotsu-Ikusa makes sense because they chased the original Izanagi down as he fled from Yomi.
  • Team Dad: Yosuke, to the point where if he was ten years older you'd think he was Shirou's father.