Heartwarming / Erfworld

  • One night, Parson asks his twoll lackey Bogroll what would be the one thing he would want if he could have anything. Bogroll, who had just finished expounding on how much happier he was as Lackey to the Chief Warlord, simply answered "To save your life, my Lord." Parson is lost for words.
    • Much much later, long after Bogroll's Heroic Sacrifice to take out Ansom, we find out that Parson's personal war cry when charging into battle is "For Bogroll!"
    • Later, when the capital is taken. One of the banners is of Misty. The Lookamancer that croaked. Parson seems to have remembered her sacrifice.
  • After dramatically getting to his throne room to save Parson's life, Stanley receives a thinkagram informing him of Parson's plans to kill Charlie. He is convinced that this is impossible, but concedes that the impossible is what Parson does best. He only speaks to agree to the plan, but this new faith in his chief warlord is a refreshing change.
  • Trammenis and Slately's last talk:
    Slately: King Headboard fell at Sharonstone–quite nobly I‘m told–but it was a terrible shock to everyone. So long ago, now. I wonder if I shall see him... I wonder if, being a duplicate, I shall be anything at all.
    Trammenis: Anything at all? You are my father. If the Titans themselves are worth anything at all, then they‘ll have a parade for you every day. With bright paper hats and puppets and a dancing bear. Tell them I said so!
    Slately: (Grinning) I shall do precisely that. I do so promise, son. (Awkwardly) We've never once embraced, you know. Not ever.
    Trammenis crushes him in a hug that Slately returns.
    Trammenis: (Sobbing) Singing and dancing bear. They're the Titans, they can flipping-well arrange as much!
    • Also, Trammenis messaging Slately when Trammenis and his column are unable to go save the capital. Even though Slately is a rude man who hasn't displayed much regard for Trammennis (in part because "his Signamancy is less than manly") Tramennis amends to what might well be his Apocalyptic Log warning Jetstone of the incoming assault force: "And add, 'I love you, Father.'"
  • Lady Dove in Digdoug 8 & 9. It's very refreshing to see a Carnymancer on the side of the heroes for a change.
  • Wrigley finally gets to do what he was meant to do.
    "He loved the Titans, and Wanda their Tool, for granting him this new life and this new spear. And though he had never yet used it, now he knew what he was for. His side was the Titan's side. They had raised him from the ground to use this spear just once."
    "And so he did."
  • When he and Parson reunite in person for the first time in Book 3, Stanley kicks things off by commenting that Sizemore did a great job fixing up the city they're in (and refers to him by name rather than as 'the turd guy' as in the past), and then in the aftermath of Parson signing a nonaggression pact with Charlie several turns ago freely acknowledges and that he's fully aware and appreciates that Parson was looking out for him, like a good Chief Warlord should. Parson's pretty boggled by the whole exchange, since he came into the room fully expecting to get chewed out by his Overlord for cutting the deal he did and letting Jillian get away. Pretty far cry from the guy who remembered virtually no-one's name and threatened to disband Parson several times a book or two ago.
  • When Don King is trying to upset Stanley by making unreasonable demands for return of Parson, Maggie, and Jack, instead of going how insane the demand is, Stanley simply agrees to pay it. Later, when Bonnie, a recently decrypted Archon, ask why Stanley would agree to such outrageous demand for a simple level 3 Warlord, Stanley gives a very simple explanation:
    Stanley: Pffft, Hamster's worth it.
  • Parson gets pulled back from the brink by Tutelary intervention. Especially notable is how he manages to muster that kind of pull.
    Zhopa: So... he had help.