Nightmare Fuel / Erfworld

  • The Inner Peace (Through Superior Firepower) Episode 039 update is disturbing on many levels: Jillian is being interrogated by an old, sickly thin version of Wanda, at the complete mercy of her interrogator, not knowing when or how she ended up here, trapped in a glass coffin in the middle of what seems to be a cemetery full of tombstones of people Wanda both croaked and uncroaked. Also, Bart, her one-time lover, appears before her, in Haffaton livery, uncroaked. Jillian is scared shitless by this turn of events. As she puts it:
    Jillian: Let this still be a dream. Titans, please.
    • After several turns imprisoned, it turns out it's not a dream. Jillian began to be tortured, and said torture changed every couple of days: freezing, thirsty, hearing screams, rolling, becoming deaf and blind...
  • Later on, Wanda states that the process she devised for breaking prisoners was the kinder option. Debatable, but once the full extent of Olive Branch's plans and manipulations come to light, it can certainly seem like it. It's just being touched upon, but Olive's plans nearly broke the world as much as Parson is, and she's not even from another dimension. Wanda describes her greatest crime as finding a way to weaponize peace, such that it leaves people addicted junkies incapable of rational thought and is slowly hollowing out the territory Olive controls, leaving the cities practically ghost towns. The entire thing ends up being an even crueler twist on The Wizard of Oz than Wicked was, if that seems possible. Above everything else, the whole section with Jillian wandering around the Haffaton capital being dimly aware she's blissed out of her gourd and observing the bizarre nature of the city is just plain creepy.
    • These chapters also make the flower on Wanda's sigil all the more disturbing.
  • One must recognize the talent of Xin, the second artist: in the 89th page of volume 2, we can assist to a conversation by thinkagram between cloned Slately and Charlie. During the whole scene, Charlie's appearance keeps changing, each one of them being a major villain (Emperor Palpatine, Doctor Doom, Dr. Gero, Agent Smith...). In the end, Charlie shows his true colors, delivering this line while assuming the appearance of The Joker (from Christopher Nolan's film), talking about Parson:
    Charlie: We kill the fat man. note 
    • And the whole while King Slately's avatar turned into a pawn. This is the first time someone else was transformed during Charley's thinkagrams besides Charley. He doesn't even seem to notice the implication that he is being played...
  • A poor red-shirt that is stuck in the fire with Parson got to personally watch two of his friends fall to their deaths. That isn't too bad until his HEAD is set on fire and he lives. The 59th text update shows his head after the fire is put out. Just scroll down to the bottom to see his burns.
  • In "Inner Peace (Through Superior Firepower) - Episode 81", Jillian is being cured from her flower addiction by Charlie and Betsy... But it soon dawns on her that both of them aren't stopping with just that, and have an hidden agenda. Charlie himself manifests in Jillian's minds as a swarm of insects, infiltrating every piece of her mind, something which disturbs her to no end. She tries to scream, but she can't: she is the prisoner of her own mind. When she finally finds a way to revolt, Betsy and Charlie manage to catch and destroy the jester, an entity whose role isn't very clear but who always helped Jillian in the past. After he's defeated, he's devoured by Charlie's swarm, and then they proceed to tear up her own mind, until they destroy her comprehension of the situation itself. She realizes that this is worse than croaking, and even considers this even worse than losing her own side, but it's too late. She's suffering a Fate Worse Than Death through Mind Rape.
  • In the Lord Crush side story, we get a description of someone being disbanded.
    Narration: For a moment, the fool continued to stand there as normal, then he began to fold inward into space. He had time to know it was happening, even to look down and see it.
    "The comedy is finished," said Dunkin McClown faintly, then he folded in on himself and vanished with only a little thump: the sound of the room's air rushing together to fill the void.
    • From that same story, the implication that King Scrofula disbanded his own son. For reference, croaking or disbanding a member of your family, except in the case of Disloyalty, is just as heinous in Erfworld as it is here.
    • And in the main storyline, Queen Bea of Unaroyal... she did that to an entire country. Her country. Simultaneously, all at once via taking her own life. The thoughts that must of run through their heads in those few scant moments they had before oblivion. Unthinkable.
  • You might not notice it right away, but Jillian's Thinkagram avatar doesn't actually have hearts printed on it. She has 3 heart shaped hollows on her mental form. This may be in reference to her multiple love interests, none of whom she can be with. Or it might be in reference to how Charlie once erased pieces of her mind. Or both.
  • The culmination of Parson and Jack's last-ditch plan to prevent Parson from being turned to Charlescomm results in Parson getting drilled by several shots from heavy machine guns, blowing huge, bloody holes in his legs. This is the first time Parson has been really seriously hurt since he came to Erfworld. He screams.
    • On the next page, one bullet goes straight through his right foot in a spray of blood. Another one tears half of his left foot off altogether. Parson is just as Made of Plasticine as the rest of the Erfworlders when it comes to heavy weapons, the difference being he bleeds.
  • The reveal that the Great Minds have been lying about their abilities is unsettling. The Great Minds turning out to have the ability to kill units at a distance is so much worse. And then they decide to turn on Parson...
  • Charlie destroys the Thinkamancy Temple. That alone would be shocking, but Isaac has changed. His skin has gone pale, and his eyes have turned sunken and solid pink. He looks like a zombie. Going by the rules of Signamancy, that's really not good.
    • It gets worse: Parson tries contacting Isaac for help. Isaac just says "deiform" at him, breaking the link. Exactly what's happened to Isaac isn't clear, but it's pretty clear Charlie has managed to unleash something awful.